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Sandy’s Editorial January 2016

Posted on Dec 11, 2015 in Newsletter | 2 comments

Sandy’s Editorial January 2016

Hello Everyone! I am SO looking forward to the 2016 year! I’ve done the chart. I’ve explored the energies. 2016 is going to be a World changing year for sure! As always there will be ups and downs, positives and negatives…but I am excited about this year because of the monumental and necessary and mostly positive changes that are coming. Here are some things to look for: First, this is going to be one of the most pivotal election years in the US to date. In fact, I see the entire world holding its breath as so much economically and politically worldwide depends upon that outcome. There are going to be unprecedented power and subversive machinations at work behind the scenes folks, and we are all sure to be surprised at the many twists and turns that the election trail leads the world through. It’s my belief that we are also going to see politics becoming transparent in spite of efforts to the contrary. We have entered an era where we live in a global economy in which nations, corporations, and individuals work together as never before. Expect to see more and more of this, and whoever wins this election will have to work and be accepted on this global level. Note also, whoever wins this election will be expected to be responsible on this global level too. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? Meanwhile, something major (maybe clean-up?) is happening with our oceans this year, in a positive sense. Things environmentally that have been covered up are being exposed – and then a major repair can finally begin! This will only be possible because of the global community that is slowly creating itself. The global monetary system will also be tweaked in a major way during 2016. Don’t kid yourself. The world is not standing idly by watching the election in the US. There is active involvement – and the World Bank, stock exchanges, and currency controls throughout the world are doing their best to influence the passing of the baton. Meanwhile, currency is not the ruling factor here. Technology is. As technology moves beyond what the mere mortals currently in power in all nations can even understand, the youths in our world are the people who will ultimately control every facet of our existence. Any savvy politician, government, or corporation will be diligently trying to earn the trust, respect, and support of young people the world over. The wonderful thing about that is that young people all over the world already have their own worldwide network of communication and cooperation and it is transparent. Yeah! Technology in 2016 really excites me. Expect some major new GIANT steps forward in all areas involving communication, travel, and yes – fuels!! We are entering a new era here for sure, and our world is never going to be quite the same. I’m wishing everyone reading this a wonderful, joyous, eventful and successful 2016 year! Please take the time while...

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