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MAY 2016 ASTROLIGHTS John Maerz After all the commotion created by the eclipses it’s time to settle in and recognize what new influences and changes have come to the forefront. Their changing influence effectively decreased beneath the awareness threshold on April 6th. Now we’re left with dealing with the aftermath. Dealing with our dreams, our unconscious and how we imprison ourselves with faulty beliefs is the best place to bring our attention. Since the Sun has moved into Taurus, how they relate to our perception of ourselves and our abilities deserves considerable scrutiny. With Jupiter in Virgo zigzagging in our house of service, this would be a good place to start. Ask yourself three questions. Whom are you serving? What are you doing to be of service and is it working? The first question should be answered by not only serving others but yourself also. Taking care of you own needs first allows you to operate at peak performance so you can be of service to others. The other two questions are just a matter of recognizing your action and their adjustments toward being effective. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being selfish. Being accused of such usually comes from someone who feels they haven’t been able to manipulate you to their advantage. Since Mars has moved into Sagittarius on March 7th, the action you apply to implementing your newly realized values should be attended. Things are changing world wide. Your reasons and methods for coping should also be changing. With Saturn also in Sagittarius the structuring of your values should remain flexible while he’s there. His retrograde motion will bring his square with Jupiter to closure on the 26th just as Venus moves into Gemini beginning to oppose him. By this time you should have formatted two sets of boundaries; first, for yourself and how far you will allow yourself go in answering the needs of others and, second, what personal limits have you put in place in order to maintain your integrity and safety from the overbearing influences of others? This will insure that you will be able to remain self-sustaining and accountable in the face of changing relations for the duration of this eclipse cycle until September. When Mars moves into Scorpio on the 27th the time will be at hand where you need to be quiet about the new rules you operate from so you can work from an “undisclosed position.” This is necessary for not giving in to opportunists so they can pick at your reasoning for what you do until you’re left with nothing left to guide you putting you in a position where you feel obligated to do what someone else wants which may then work to your deficit. When Mars moves back into Sagittarius in August, the danger of being coerced will have vanished.   Find out more about John Lawrence Maerz, Instructor for the Astrological Coaching Program       ...

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