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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip # 47 – Crystal Protection for Home or Office

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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip # 47 – Crystal Protection for Home or Office

Psychic Protection Tip # 47 – Crystal Protection for Home or Office Tools for Psychic Protection – Tip #3 This psychic protection tip is the third in my new series of tips – “tools for psychic protection”. This one is about using crystals to energetically protect a space. This new series of tips is to give you some extra help with your psychic protection. These new tips use actual physical tools. They are for when you feel you cannot do a good enough job protecting yourself or your space using the non-physical tools in my treasure chest of psychic protection tips. I use many of these myself. This particular tip is especially useful because it helps to keep your space psychically protected even when you are not there! First, look back at my last psychic protection tip to get a good understanding of why and how crystals are so helpful to use for psychic protection. Now, let’s take a moment to look at crystals and color. The color of the crystal or stone can have a powerful affect on its ability to protect as well as on the type of protection it can best help with. This is a complete topic of its own that I will talk about in my next psychic protection tip. For now let’s just use clear quartz crystals for our protections, as clear quartz by itself can actually do what every other colored stone or crystal can do, although perhaps a colored crystal could focus more your energy more powerfully. Because of its diversification, clear quartz is my usual best and easiest choice. So, try some of these tricks to energetically and psychically protect your home or office. start with an energetically clear crystal. You can lay it on a bed of sea salt overnight, or soak it in salt water for a few hours, or run it under running water for about 15 minutes to clear it. review how to ‘charge’ a crystal. I hold it in my right, sending hand, take three deep grounding and centering breaths to clear and ground myself, then with a clear mind and emotions I visualize and emote or feel what I want the crystal to do for me. I then breath my intent on the crystal, actually telling it what I want it to do while I hold my visualization. to protect your entranceway charge two crystals with the job, and place them to either side of your door, outside or inside is fine. When I do entranceway protections I visualize the two crystals I place on either side of the door reflecting and grounding any negativity visitors may be carrying with them as they enter. I have actually had the experience of someone not being able to enter my home because they were so immersed in their own nastiness and wouldn’t let it go. to protect a single room, get it’s compass directions and charge and place a crystal at each cardinal direction point. I...

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