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2018 Kabbala Class with Sandy

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The live course begins on June 6th, 2018, 7-9pm Eastern.




The fee is $597. per student for the entire 24 class series, paid in advance.

This class is a steal at $597 per student for the entire 24 lesson class that actually a guided visualization technique using the Tree of Life as a roadmap to open and develop your own higher consciousness and it’s guaranteed to make a positive difference in your life.


Here’s what it’ll do for you:

1) Helps you to get in touch with your innermost self and help you to become balanced and centered.
2) Helps you to handle relationships in a healthy and loving way.


3) Helps you to identify and transform those areas of your life that aren’t working well.


4) Helps you to change the energy around you in a way that also affects everyone around you in a positive way.


5) Helps you to open your chakras, or psychic energy centers.


6) Helps you to open and develop your intuitive and psychic abilities to their fullest potential.


7) Gives you a personal roadmap for your own spiritual growth and development!






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