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Self Trust Workshop by John Maerz

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Sandy Recommends this Workshop

presented by John Maerz


Readers & Psychics… Clients Got You Down?

Do you find that they have a way of touching a nerve that destroys your faith & confidence in your reading? Then read on…

Cards-1What is the most devastating and destructive thing that can occur when you are doing a psychic reading? It’s when you lose your trust and confidence in what you’re receiving for your client and where it’s coming from. Right? How many times have you had a client question your validity and what you’ve offered the same way a discouraging family member has done with you in your childhood past? Do you feel challenged? Does it throw you out of channel? Of course it does!

Energizing -ST-Cvr-1pOur confidence and Self-Trust are directly related to how we were encouraged or discouraged by our early family upbringing. This experience stays with us throughout our entire lives and affects every goal and activity we involve ourselves in. This does not have to remain the way of things. We can easily and smoothly change the way we react to negative feedback by simply reframing our family responses through working the 7 Steps for Reclaiming Your Power and Energizing our SELF-TRUST.

Energizing Self-Trust will help you to:

  • Regain your Self-Confidence
  • Handle a heckling client
  • Handle a client’s denial
  • Stay in channel and
  • Give stellar powered readings!

Pic-John-Lecture-1John Lawrence Maerz has been working, teaching and advising in the metaphysical and intuitive development field for over thirty years. He’s the author of five books and a complete Spirit Communication curriculum begun when he hosted John Edward’s galley sessions in the mid-80s. As a seasoned personal coach, adviser and lecturer he’s worked in social services and has a diverse background in the human potentials field incorporating personality influences, shadow work, nutritional needs and creative expression.

Two Day Seminar – Saturday & Sunday
November 21st & 22nd, 2015 – 10:00AM-5:00PM

@ Unity of Sarasota Enlightenment Center – $295 prepaid or $325 at the door.



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