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Happy Birthday Leo 2017

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Happy Birthday Leo 2017

Leo_LionThis month brings you plenty of energy. Don’t give it all away. Although you may feel that doing so will insure your security or that of others, it’s best to look out for your own progressive interests and do what’s best for your own growth…even if others find it difficult to deal with. Remember that your social image is not as important as your emotional growth and maturity.

You may also find yourself wanting to spend more time alone. Instinctively you know that in your association with others, especially now, you lose energy in the interchange. This urge is just a self-preserving instinct to keep your energy level high and at a good capacity. Know that the helping fields are full of people who give it all away because they believe that the welfare of others is their obligation. This is not necessarily so. Recharge your battery first. Doctor heal thyself. Then when you feel fulfilled and energized, you will be of a lot more use to those around you who need a leg up without you feeling drained.

Although you pride yourself in having a career which you believe is solid, respectable and permanent, be aware that changes are on the horizon. Before next May the “earth will move under your feet.” Pay careful attention to the career opportunities coming up now. Understand and accept that what you expect to be in place two years from now might not be feasible. Don’t wait until all the conditions are perfect before you make a change. By then it will be too late. You will have to risk some peripheral insecurities to put yourself in a good place. Even now your job description and resources are going through a split. Choose now. If you can’t see what’s best, just choose one and listen to your own reactions. If what you choose now throws you into a panic, at the least you will have plenty of time to regroup and reset yourself. Target date for your overall completed shift will be November of 2018. Don’t waste time or procrastinate. Never mind what others will think of you. This is your survival and the opportunities for your growth. Don’t let your need for a solid social image prevent you from making the changes that might make you look foolish in the eyes of others. Opinions are like butts. Everyone’s got one. Enjoy the ride. It’s going to be thrilling!

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