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Advanced Astral Projection Webinar with Sandy Anastasi

Posted on Mar 29, 2014 in Events, News | 0 comments

W-PW4-Ast-ProjAdvanced Astral Projection Webinar with Sandy

April 5th
4pm – 5:30pm eastern

( hosted by Joanna Perez)

“OBE’s – that is, Out Of Body Experiences, also known as Astral Projection, were once thought to be impossible. Those who claimed experience with them were branded as frauds, attention-getters, or lunatics. In this workshop Sandy Anastasi explores this ages old phenomenon that we now know is an ability common to everyone. Sandy has been a conscious astral traveler since her early childhood, and has explored many facets of it that she is going to share with you in this webinar. Join Sandy as she discusses astral projection and its many applications, as well as its uses in various cultures all over the world. You can travel the astral into other planes of existence – and Sandy will make it easy. Her CD and MP3 on Astral Projection, available on her website is also a must for anyone seriously interested in learning the process. Many students have reported having their very first OBE upon listening to it.


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