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Anastasi System of Psychic Development Overview

PseriesWith more than 30 years of teaching experience, Sandy Anastasi has been successfully training students, teachers, and professional psychics worldwide how to open, develop, and master their psychic abilities. Created from her live workshop material, this six-part workbook series is an excellent home or classroom study alternative and is ideally suited for the aspiring psychic, channel, or psychic medium. Each workbook contains multiple exercises with straightforward instructions to help students gain the necessary, hands-on experience to quickly and easily develop their skills. The material in Level 1: The Fundamentals is critical in giving you a solid foundation and greatly increasing your chance of success with the more advanced skills you’ll learn later on in the series.

“Sandy has the ability to take the nebulous concept of developing an intangible ability and helps to awaken your inner potential. This is a great introduction to the world of psychic development” – John Edward, Psychic Medium