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April 2015 Reading Special

Posted on Mar 17, 2015 in Newsletter | 0 comments

zodiac-with-astrological-symbo-23656385-300x199April 2015 Reading Special

So much is happening right now astrologically – Saturn has just turned retrograde and is moving back into Scorpio, the final square between Uranus and Pluto has just occurred…and we had a solar eclipse at 29degrees of Pisces – the most critical degree of the zodiac!

These important transits are affecting everyone worldwide. Let me and my Guides work with you in my reading special this month to help give you some insight into what all this is going to bring BACK into your life, and how you can use that knowledge this month to lay a foundation for your future.

April is a time of renewal, of birth and rebirth, and a time of transition. Remember, for every beginning there is an ending.

This month’s reading special will highlight those things in your life that are beginning, and those that are ending. It will help you to make more educated choices so you can bring the best of your past into your future.

This reading will only take about a half hour of your time, and is only $195.

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