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April 2017 Astrolights

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April 2017 Astrolights

Values are on the crest of the upcoming wave. What is important to you takes precedence over what most everything everyone else wants from you. Indulge yourself. When you do what your heart desires you almost inevitably end up aligned with your spirit’s destiny as intended. Listen to that small voice within. Relative to your most beneficial choices and direction, it is always right. When you don’t listen, and follow only your brain, you always short circuit yourself and the path you need to be on. Trust your inner self not the urgings of the world, media and family. They all have agendas, if only even unconscious, relative to you.

With Saturn turning retrograde in Sagittarius on the 6th we have an opportunity to retrace the ground we covered that we felt hurried in making decisions about. Now you have time to breathe. Take your time. Reconsider the consequences and don’t be afraid to make adjustments. You have nothing to lose but your self-imposed chains.

When Venus turns direct on the 15th, the values contributing to your sense of independence and self-sufficiency will become a lot clearer than they have been in the preceding months. Trust what you see. Again, take your time. Assess what you’ve done thus far and adjust accordingly.

On the 20th Pluto in Capricorn will turn direct. Political issues will begin to move on new ground. So, will your career and social status. Move with the change gradually much like a freight train begins to move. Make your changes while the movement is slow, clear and deliberate. When thing begin to move faster you will be hard pressed to make any effective changes. Do not procrastinate! Act when needed. Refrain when not.

When the Moon becomes new in Taurus on the 26th, you will be able to see the practicality behind the decisions that you’ve made. On the 28th Venus moves into Aries and your way to independence will become clear and you will see if your decisions have made your path easier or more convoluted. Enjoy the month!                           


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