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Aquarius 2014 and January Astrological Predictions

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goodlife40_bigstockHappyNewYearcelebratio52734466_1-300x300Aquarius – (Generally January 21st through February 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

2014 Year Overview –
This year you will face many buried fears, overcome them, and step forward into freedom. If you work in the area of psychology, or as an intuitive, coach or counselor it will be a year marked by career and financial success. If you are someone using the services of one of these people it will be a year you can make some major personal breakthroughs. Aquarius, you will lead the world into proving that we are more than our physical bodies.


January –
This month you find yourself focusing on the needs of your partner or significant other. There are financial and career issues around one of both of you that you need to pull together to resolve. Remember – it’s about teamwork, not about placing blame. On a positive note, it’s a great time for socializing, for travel, and for sharing ideas with others.

If you are single and thinking of getting married, or of looking for that ‘right’ partner for marriage – well this is a great month to do that! One thing to remember this month though – you have had repetitive financial issues. These will not go away until the personal dynamics that have caused them are understood and eliminated. Now is the perfect time to do that!

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