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Are You Psychic Webinar

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Eyes Looking Up Mysteriously From Behind A Small Rainbow Colored Peacock FeatherThursday, June 11th
8pm Eastern

Are You Psychic? How Do You Know? How Do You Know What Your Best Skill is?

You’ve heard it. Everyone is psychic. But how do you KNOW you are psychic? Even if you’ve had some psychic experiences in your life, even if you believe that you are psychic, how do you know what your best skill is? How can you actually rely on it to better your life?

In this webinar I am going to help you to recognize your own psychic ability in action, and I’m going to give you hard and fast means of recognizing your greatest natural skills and abilities and developing them into consistent helpful tools in your life! I will include a guided meditation to help jump-start your efforts.

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