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The old saying, ‘April Showers Bring May Flowers’ brought to mind something I wanted to talk to you about today, because it’s so very important in the world of psychics. It’s important to ‘anything’ you want to do and do to the best of your ability…

A few thoughts to ponder… you lay a foundation first, then you build the home… you plant a seed so things will grow… you gather needed tools before you start a project… do you see where I am going with this?

Honestly, what would happen if you built a home ‘in today’s world’ with no type of foundation for that home to secure it? That home would probably not be there very long, or at least it would not have the support it needed to be the best home it could be. And what if you tried to build ‘anything’ without the proper tools? Bad idea!

Here is my point… I see so many people who get excited about Tarot, Astrology, Psychic Ability, Spirit Communication and so on, who just jump in head first into a fast growing field and they have no foundation at all to stand on!!

Why would someone do that, you ask? Because they don’t want to take the time to gather the tools or build their foundation. They want to dive right in because honestly, just through experience with people, those are the folks who are out for the $$. These are the folks who change their names to something like ‘Princess Gooddreamsinthemorning’ and put themselves out there to the world as a 7th generation psychic who has 97% accuracy!!!

Most are going to crash and burn very early on! No foundation, no real background in education for their skills… no real concern for their clients or themselves.

So yes, Lisa is on her soap box today…. But this is important… I see these folks who burn out quickly when they don’t have to and that is frustrating… but what is more irritating to me is ‘the rest of you people’ who have skills and abilities that ‘you have seen’ within yourself, and you are not doing a darn thing about ramping those up! Lol

You know who you are!

Why are you not watering your flowers??

In today’s world, we need great intuitives, readers, healers, Astrologers and so on. It’s within each one of us already! We are born ‘knowing’…. And all we have to do is find where our passion is ‘inside’, and take the steps to learn all we can so we can become that person we were born to be! The light worker, the Massage Therapist… the Teacher…. And there is simply no excuse to not have an amazing teacher right there in your back pocket!

Go to YouTube and find my friend Sandy Anastasi and start watching her free videos there! She has a channel that shows some of her Psychic Development class footage, she has Psychic Protection tips which ‘every single person on the planet’ should watch, and she also has other educational videos. There is simply no reason for you, as the aspiring psychic, to not have a great foundation before you jump into working in this field!

It’s time to plant your seeds, my friends! The planet needs us! The people need us! The universe needs us!

Yes, there are a lot of folks who make their living doing this work…. And I would bet you that ‘most’ of them set up that solid foundation before they started! And those are the psychics who are changing our world every single day! And those are the psychics who are going to be able to do this work for about as long as they want to because there will be no burn out. Those are the psychics who don’t take others energy and who know not to allow theirs to be taken!

If you do the work on yourself… if you learn what your tools are and practice your skills… if you learn the protections, the prayers, the right way to tap in to your psychic abilities, then you will succeed! You will help people, because that’s what we do… and your foundation will be solid!

Give yourself permission to learn. You will be thankful that you did, and your Guides are going to be ‘very happy’ that you are following your own path and finally beginning that journey you know is just around the next corner! You have already experienced some of the signs!

No excuses… no reason to wait…. Go water your flowers and watch the growth begin!

As always… feel free to connect via e-mail

Lisa Freeman

Psychic Intuitive Consultant & Coach for The Anastasi System Of Psychic Development

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