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astrologybook2013Astrology: Art and Science

“I am excited for you that you’ve discovered this book, and more importantly, are on your journey to discovering and exploring the miracle of you through astrology. Sandy’s book will be pivotal for you as well. There’s a part of me that feels so excited for what you are about to embark on … Let the discovery begin!”—Psychic medium John Edward

“Sandy’s understanding of human psychology and personal relationships helps readers shift away from an old notion of Astrology as “fortune telling,” to a more contemporary understanding and use of it as a relevant tool for knowing one’s self in relation to the people and events we co-create in our lives.” —Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP. Voice Aerobics, LLC

What is Astrology?

71LdSTjgjvLAstrology is the study of the movement of the stars and planets through the heavens, and of how their energies affect us from birth to death. Ancient sources tell us that all the other sciences are outgrowths of astrology, including astronomy. In fact, they tell us that astrology is the oldest science known to man.

Astrology, like psychology, helps us to understand our characteristics and abilities and how the energies of the planets bring about circumstances for change and growth throughout our lifetimes. An astrology chart will show all of your potentials, both good and bad. It sheds light on the past, and predicts future probabilities. Astrology can be used for personality analysis, or for prediction of events. It can be used as a tool for self-discovery and self-development. It can be used to explore and understand your relationships and your family dynamics or to find your spiritual path. It can be an aid in identifying and repairing actual or potential health problems. Some astrologers use it as an aid in financial investment, or to help find things or people. Some astrologers have successfully used it to predict elections and outcomes of events, and to predict and gain insights into earth-changing events. Astrology also is one of the means some practitioners use to discover past lives and to gain insight into the soul’s journey after death. Most importantly, perhaps, the artful use of astrology can help you to make wiser life choices.

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In Sandy’s Book, Astrology: Art & Science:

Learn the psychological foundation of each sun sign.

Learn the ages-old meaning of each planet and how its energy affects you.

Learn how to create a simple solar astrology chart.

Learn what the astrological houses are and what they mean.

Learn the basics of chart interpretation almost instantly.

Learn where astrology came from and how and why it works.

Learn to apply your understanding of astrology in your daily life.

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