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astrologybook2013Join Sandy in this amazing eight week video download course, consisting of one class per week, working with one chapter of her new Astrology book per class for an amazing introduction to Astrology!

You will be learning the basic meanings of the planets, signs and houses from a psychological and family perspective while beginning to learn the art of astrological interpretation! This is a ‘wonderful’ foundation for the beginning student or for anyone wanting to know more about the psychology of the sun signs, planets, and houses.

Having Sandy’s Astrology: Art and Science book in front of you as you take this class is highly recommended.

Couple Enjoying Cup Of Coffee In RestaurantDo you ever wish that you could really understand why sometimes you just don’t click with someone, or why there are people that no matter how hard you try, you can never really communicate with? How many times have you wished you could have had the relationship with your mother or father that your other siblings seemed to have, and wondered why you didn’t? How many jobs have you tried, looking for that one that you have a talent for, that makes you feel good about yourself?

Why does handling money seem so hard for you, and so easy for other people? Do you have physical or emotional issues that seem to separate you from other people that you want to eliminate from your life? Are you carrying scars from your childhood, wondering why you were born into your particular family and life situation? Are you trying to find the qualities within yourself that will make your life better in every way?

Most of us have asked ourselves one or more of these questions at some time in our lives. For years, I have utilized my knowledge and skill as an Astrologer and Soul Coach to help my clients and students answer these questions, and more, for themselves. My goal is always to bring insight and understanding, so that you learn to help yourself. My greatest joy is to see my students and clients moving upward, growing, maturing, and evolving in every way.

Sandy Teaching Psychic Development in TampaIn my recently updated and republished book, Astrology: Art and Science, I put the tools to do what I do with my clients into your hands. True understanding is the cure for all differences between people, and puts you on the road to self acceptance and self love. This is my gift to you, found in the pages of my book.

alan_bio_picAccording to many world acclaimed astrologers and psychics it is still the best textbook for students of astrology:

“Astrology is the language of consciousness…not everyone studies astrology to become a professional astrologer. The goal is the path that we take in our efforts to learn and apply these celestial studies to our terrestrial life. This path requires that these profound esoteric truths be communicated in a language that is understandable, sensible, and stimulating. It is not an easy task to be the translator of invisible energies so that they are seen by our eyes and accepted by our minds…Sandy Anastasi does just that and she does it with grace, ease, and erudition.” – Alan Oken, World-Renowned Astrologer, Chairman at the AFA Conference, New Orleans 2014

This online course, offered for the very first time as a VIDEO DOWNLOAD study course, will allow people like you from all over the world to participate in these studies with me. Now, anyone, anywhere, can study Astrology in person with me, Sandy Anastasi! When you study online with me you will receive a copy of my book in eBook format as MY gift to you!


Here’s What You’ll Receive During this Amazing Course:

Woman lighting stars– 8 weeks of wonderfully fun and easy instruction by one of the world’s most gifted intuitive astrologers.

– Insights into actual planetary placements in your own natal astrology chart.

– Your computer-generated astrology chart.

– My new book, Astrology:Art and Science as my gift to you in eBook format.



Sandy’s Eight Week Online VIDEO DOWNLOAD on Astrology: Art and Science

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Don’t miss this rare opportunity. Here’s what students have said about my Astrology class:

“Thank you Sandy for a wonderful class last night. I must tell everyone, I was sitting and laughing for 30 minutes while Sandy was talking about the Taurus child and mother of taurus. My youngest son is a taurus and everything and I do mean everything she said was sooo true for both of us.”- J.C.F.

“If you’re looking for an overview of Astrology, I’d highly recommend this webinar. The very first book that I read on Astrology 25 years ago was written by Sandy Anastasi” – M. Engel

“I began to study astrology with Sandy Anastasi more than twenty years ago, and in my experience she remains one of the most gifted intuitive’s and teachers of astrology.” –Mary Spremuli

“…Her books, tapes, classes, and webinars are beneficial for the beginner on his journey, or for the professional who has been on his path for decades, but needs to be the student once again. Sandy is “the Teacher’s Teacher” regarding metaphysics.” –John Edward

“Dear Sandy, I enjoyed it so much and I have to say after purchasing the DVD’s that it must be hard to hold your head upright with ALL that knowledge in there. How kind to do the free webinar. I have taken mini-classes with John Holland, James Van Praagh, 2 different Lily Dale mediums, COUNTLESS books and yada-yada. You are right as you said in the DVD, “If is it true it is not bragging” ARE the best. I feel so blessed to be learning from you. I thank Lisa for answering my many questions so I could decide to sign up for coaching, I appreciate it. It is a huge step financially and every-which-way. I so appreciate all you put on the web so one makes informed decision. The webinar really solidified that. In Light and Gratitude”, Lee A Presser

“…I feel so blessed now with where I am in life. I do what I love every day, make a good living doing it and reach so many people, spreading the message of how valuable astrology can be. That day back in 2003 when I was “compelled” to go to John’s workshop I now it had to be because I was meant to meet you and begin formally studying astrology. Thank you for that soul contract Sandy.”- Maria DeSimone

“Hi Sandy, I am looking forward to “The Psychic Hour With Sandy Anastasi – MARCH 2014″ today, which I believe is about to start shortly, if I have my time conversion right. I have just noticed a link to your email for questions/feedback and thought it a perfect opportunity to say Thank You for all that you do to share your knowledge. Some time ago I purchased the Anastasi System of Psychic Development Program Levels 1-5. have had immense joy working through these workbooks, and wish to express my gratitude for having such knowledgable workbooks available that are clear, honest and concise. I have a great interest in personal psychic development, and with your workbooks and the practice of daily meditation I now feel I am balanced and grounded more than ever, and have endless joy in feeling / reading the energy around me, it’s like a new world has opened up. Thank you kindly and kind regards” – Vicki Younger, Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand

“You have a very unique and special way of conveying thoughts and information in such a kind and insightful way. I’m also so impressed at how you are able to deliver such a large amount of information, in a set time period, all with staying in perfect rhythm. Maybe it comes naturally to you, or maybe it’s also part guidance, BUT, I think its pretty darn magical to listen to and watch. I witnessed it very strongly during the Astrology webinars. Do you remember the evening where Florida was having bad weather and the internet was down and the webinar had continual technical difficulties, no fault of your own? Almost an hour or so was spent just trying to have the webinar, yet you still were able to go over all the information for the night, in such a condensed time, and it made sense and flowed. That’s pretty awesome and impressive! You kept your composure the whole time too, which I loved. Most people I know would be swearing and having a meltdown, but not you. Great job! I wanted to comment to you about the concept of you calling on people who you saw on your end as having their hands raised, yet they said they didn’t. I’ve attended many of your webinars at this point and feel I understand that hand thing all too well. You were correct, their hands WERE raised. You called on a woman, two separate times, and she said her hand was still down, that “the arrow was pointing down.” As an attendee, using a MAC, it shows a hand icon with a green arrow facing up, and it is like that when you first enter the webinar. That means that your hand is down, although to me it would make sense that a green arrow pointing up would mean it’s up. I was called on by you a couple times in the past for the same reason, and it was because I didn’t understand the hand thing on my end, as there are no words telling you up or down or that give personal feedback. If one clicks on the hand icon while it has a green upward facing arrow, it then turns into a hand with a downward facing red arrow. That now means that the attendee’s hand is raised (which is just weird if you ask me). It’s easy to get confused about it, I just think of it as being opposite. The green arrow facing up on the hand icon means your hand is down, and the red arrow on the hand icon facing down means your hand is up. I would like to write some feedback to GoToMeeting to let them know that it is very confusing on the end of the attendee. It then makes it confusing for you because you are doing everything right, yet it all gets out of whack due to the confusing nature of it on the other end. Hopefully that sheds a little light on that hand thing and I didn’t confuse you too much”. In love and light, – Cheryl