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AUGUST 2014 ASTROLIGHTS by John Maerz B.A.

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john maerzWith Saturn having turned direct in Scorpio on July 20th and Uranus in Aries turning retrograde on July 22nd, Mars in Scorpio is receiving a lot of emphasis. Behind the scenes issues are certainly in play and with the South node still in Aries how we take action in any situation is of paramount importance. The nodes in Aries and Libra are moving very slowly toward a conjunction with Uranus.

Between now and then, January 2015, we are being given plenty of lead time for deciding how we will act on what ever circumstances will serve to make us more intuitive in how we make our life decisions. Hopefully, this will move us from being reactive to proactive. Notice I said intuitive not instinctual. Instinctual comes from a place of trained animal survival. It is totally reactive and tied to the workings of the mind.

Intuitive comes from a place of “spiritual” guidance relative to emotional and mental “maturity” and is totally proactive. It also come our circumstances from a space of timelessness separate from the mind and allows us to perceive all those circumstances in a larger frame of reference in one complete flash. And then, like a dream, we will struggle to bring it into the time constrained linearity of the mind so we may understand what we’ve felt, be able to communicate it and take the appropriate necessary actions. This intuitive space is what many people have called that small voice within us that gets drowned out by the noise of worldly circumstances and concerns. Some of us are able to still mind enough so we can hear that voice. Others of us are just hearing about it and struggling to make some sense of it since worldly concerns are all that we have previously known. In either case and with worldly concerns in such a turmoil it is imperative that we all reach for that small voice so we can make sense of our place in the world separate from the media and greedy world powers.

With Saturn and Mars both in Scorpio we must become aware of what’s happening in the world and decide where, how and if we want to play a part in it. As the Sun moves into Virgo on the 23rd, our perception of service, to ourselves and others, will come into focus. Any action that will promote health will also increase the clarity that we need to be aware in these difficult times. Where do you want to apply service and to whom? The best service we can be of is to assist others in creating awareness, self and worldly, so that we may all make balanced conscious decisions in how we run our lives. Venus’ passage into Leo on the 12th will have given us an altruistic viewpoint of what we want to come to pass. That coupled with our view of service should give us a palpable edge the prevailing co-creativity in play.                                   

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