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August 2017 Astrolights with John Maerz

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 in Newsletter | 1 comment

August 2017 Astrolights

This month there are plenty of changes taking place. The most important are the lunar and solar eclipses in Aquarius and Leo on the 7th and the 21st respectively. With Uranus turning retrograde on the 3rd in Aquarius, social issues will take center stage. How we relate in groups and group activities will gain added fuel through our added individual participation. (More riots?) We also have Jupiter in Libra completing a square with Pluto in Capricorn on the 4th. (Russia, Russia and more Russia?) This produces a generative and supercharged T-square between Jupiter, Uranus in Pluto in the cardinal signs with the open end in Cancer. How we perceive and provide security will go through a tremendous shift on a national level. Watching the Moon travel through the signs all month will give us heads ups on the issues being affected sign by sign. This will be clear to us until Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th and then the media will fog up our ability to perceive things clearly.

After the solar eclipse occurs on the 21st, the Sun will move into Virgo on the day after. The focus will shift to Korea and Obama are and the Russian media frenzy will have to take a back seat. This eclipse also falls squarely on Donald Trump’s Mars. He will take action that will be good for our country but difficult for our political machine to contend with. But I think that comes as no surprise based on the past seven month’s history.

On the 25th Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius. Dealing with other religions, cultures and philosophies will renew its forward motion in our evolution dealing with Korea, nuclear missiles, China, the middle east and immigration.

Being the world’s primary handout headquarters and gas station will go through some changes. On a personal level, feeling like we must take charge and care of our “lesser fortunate” friends and neighbors must also go through a shift. What we see happening nationally is the same vibration we are living through in dealing with our families and work environments.

We’re slowing in the process of restoring balance between how we take care of ourselves and how much we obligate ourselves toward being our “brother’s keeper.” Religion demands that we sacrifice. Sacrifice can be good. It quells our conscience. But where we apply energy must go both ways. Evolution and emotional maturity requires some selfishness on our part if we are to survive and grow healthily. Family first and America first are finally moving in the right direction. No more handouts to generations of welfare who now refuse to work, feel entitled and demand special treatment. Special interest groups need to be eradicated. We’ve gone way overboard in answering their demands. In being politically correct they have held the majority of us prisoner through emotional blackmail. Freedom must become equal for all of us not just the loudest complainers and freeloaders.

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  1. Lesli kramer

    Finally! An astrologer that’s not anti Trump and sees the forest for the trees on all these emotional blackmail and entitlement issues….thank you for this interpretation. I’m a Leo sun in 9th, cancer moon in 8 th and Scorpio rising……this is a positive spin on the months energies from all the eclipse stuff happening.

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