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August Astrological Predictions

Posted on Jul 20, 2016 in Newsletter | 1 comment

Sandy’s August Astrological Predictions


Do you have a budding romance in your life Aries? If you do, expect a hot, seething month of intense attraction! If you don’t perhaps this month’s hot transits will bring new life to an already existing relationship! In areas of business and finance things can also be heating up for you and if you are inclined to go that extra mile, you may be in line to get recognized for your very special talents and abilities by someone you didn’t even know was watching! This is a good time to work on getting your financial house in order, setting up that budget, and taking stock of where all that extra money you thought you had is really going.


This month feels heavy and filled with responsibilities – work, family, money, relationships are all very demanding at the moment. The good news is that this is the perfect time to address old issues, set things straight, and lay a good strong foundation for how you want to move into the future with all these people and things. You may find that finances and money in general will be better if you make a move with your home or business. You may recognize that your way to the freedom you really want is to take a big scary step forward. The decision has to be made now! Communication is very important this month. Do your research. Share with your mate, partner, and family. Put your energy into what you want not what you fear and make a positive move forward!


Your focus is on business, money, and possibly legal issues and you will have an opportunity to undergo powerful personal transformations this month. In fact, you are likely to be meeting with someone who will exert a powerful, transformative influence in your life. This could be in the areas of family, romance, business, finance, or even government! This is an emotional month for you Gemini, and it’s important to not allow your emotions to cloud your judgment and your focus. Family members or business associates may have their own dramas and emergencies going on that are distracting but you cannot afford to miss the opportunities for personal development and growth that are being offered.


Try to find time to spend by the water this moth Cancer. You are getting time to experience some much needed time away from the crazy, perhaps you will have some enriching experiences with a special friend or romantic partner. Towards the end of the month things are going to speed up a bit and both your imagination and your creativity are really turned up high. Avoid both drugs and alcohol, especially towards the end of the month as these will get you into trouble! Work hard to keep your feet on the ground relative to your finances. Overspending right now is a big temptation but you will pay the price later.


This is a month of healing for you Leo. I am referring to the deepest sort of healing – healing of the soul. There are some deep hurts from the past that it is time to let go of. The opportunity to do that is now. You will find that letting go opens the door to new growth, energy, and personal empowerment in your life. You are also empowered to bring this healing gift to another person. In family areas, someone who has been dealing with a health or financial issue for a long time is being release from that problem. Friends also play an important role in your life right now Leo. Financial healing for you, and them, is now available.


The sayings, “Anything can happen” and “Expect the unexpected”, both apply to you this month Virgo. Generally when there are unexpected and chaotic things happening, there are also some huge opportunities presented. Stay alert. Watch for those opportunities, especially in your career and/or business. In the area of family big changes are happening too. Keep your cool. Your talent, skill, ability, and fast action may be exactly what is needed! You, or someone close to you, may also be especially accident prone right now, so caution is advisable as well. One thing is certain.   You’ve been wishing for some changes to come your way, and events are about to enter your life that will usher them in. Make sure you know what you want and be ready to act!


Time spent with friends will be valuable and enjoyable this month Libra. Emotionally you will find yourself putting a lot of energy into developing a future career or life path that takes you in a somewhat new direction. Taking stock of your finances and those of your partner or significant other is also important this month, as your spending habits and finances may be very different. This should be a generally quiet month for you Libra, with time spent close to home being especially productive. It’s a great time to save some money towards that special vacation, or home project.


Communication is important this month Scorpio. Talk to your friends and colleagues, your partner or significant other, and to your accountant, legal advisor, and anyone else who is important in your data gathering. Because that is what you are doing this month. You are gathering information and insight that can open new doors for you creatively, and in business and finance as well. Your charisma is on high as you make new contacts that are important to your future. You may feel boxed in and unable to act during the first part of the month but will soon understand that this enforced inaction is to give you time to increase your knowledge base and expand your social and business network.


This is an emotional time concerning home, family and finance Sagittarius. It’s important to have a friend or a counselor to rely on and talk to about life’s present ups and downs. Sudden changes in the circumstances of someone close to you, perhaps your significant other or a close family member or your child or stepchild, are causing you to step into the nurturing role with them. Just remember to take care of yourself as you step forward to mother someone else, Sag. Finances are up and down all month, and it’s a good idea to take stock of where yours are going, and make any changes that are needed. Choices you are making right now need your clear head as they will be life changing.


Enjoy some time in the sun with a good friend or that special someone this month Capricorn! You’ve had a lot going on for a long while now, but this month you are sure to get some time off! Emotionally you are spending a lot of time this month on your significant other, or perhaps with a woman who is a close friend or associate. If you are thinking of doing some home renovation, this is a good month for that but you should plan your finances carefully.   It’s easy this month to find like-minded and supportive people to spend time with, and a dream or idea you have may get a kick start! Enjoy!


What a busy month this is for you Aquarius! And it’s sure to be a very emotional one too, which could be both good and bad! One thing is certain. Amazing growth opportunities are here, right now! If you are willing to step forward, to take a chance, to let go of old expectations, anything is possible! You could be meeting that man or woman you’ve dreamed of, being offered that business growth opportunity you’ve wanted, you could even be winning something, or being promoted. As long as you don’t shoot yourself in the foot by saying ‘But that’s not exactly what I had in mind, things should be going very well for you! But if you over-think or over criticize, you are likely to watch your dreams and your big opportunity go down the drain!


You may find yourself having a bit of difficulty getting along with people this month Pisces. From your significant other to the people you meet on your job, to your family and friends – you’ll be asking yourself all month long, “Why are people being so difficult?” Anything concerning finances is a particularly volatile subject. In fact, unexpected expenses are likely adding fuel to the fire. You need to remember – it isn’t other people – it is you who are attracting those things and the people that are saying and doing these things to yourself! When you find yourself becoming emotional about it, even feeling like you don’t even count, remember, you can change the scenario merely by putting your attention elsewhere! Meanwhile, do be careful around electronics, heavy equipment, sports, or cars. A case of accident proneness is following you this month. Take all that pent up energy and put it into creating your diary, or spending time with your kids, or a lover, or just plain allowing yourself to create something, anything.


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  1. Emmerey Rose

    Hi Sandy! thanks for posting this! your astrological prediction is very accurate and definitely helps me a lot! I wonder, when did you discover this ability to predict? are you naturally born with it??

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