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August Webinar: 3 Ways your Spirit Guides Help You Every Day

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Evolution of Consciousness Series:

3 Ways your Spirit Guides Help You Every Day

August 25th



You are already aware that we live in a world of energy. You already perceive that there is a much larger universe than our physical one surrounding you and that there are many planes of existence. You already know that those planes touch and affect one another because you have had those occasional contacts with the unseen. Those contacts may have only been in dreams or they may have been through feelings or even a sense of hearing a voice not your own.

You may even wonder if those occasional contacts are your Spirit Guides.

Those of you who have taken my Evolution of Consciousness Webinar on Meeting your Guides are sure of it.

In this month’s webinar I am going to explore your connection to your Spirit Guides with you.   If you have wondered where your Spirit Guides are, and why they chose to help YOU, if you’ve wondered if those feelings were your Guides communications, and if you’ve wondered how else they may be connecting with you, you will find out in this webinar.

My own Spirit Guides and I are going to give you three specific ways that you can know that your Spirit Guides are with you and that you can recognize their guidance in your life on a daily basis.

As always, I will end this webinar with a special guided meditation to help you increase your connection to your Spirit Guide and be able to receive guidance more clearly and easily.

I’m looking forward to seeing you online!







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