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Can Meditation Save Your Sanity?

Posted on Jun 17, 2015 in Events, News, Newsletter | 0 comments

Dreaming blond retro woman with a book sitting on a meadowHello readers!

I wrote this article last year but I think it’s important enough to share again now, when our planet seems to be getting a little hectic! Read, re-read and apply!

Can Meditation Save Your Sanity?

Interesting question and one that will get most people thinking, which is ironic since ‘thinking’ is the opposite of meditation.

But here is where I stand on this.. I say ‘yes’, meditation can not only save your sanity, it can save your life!

Pretty bold statement but something I feel very strongly about. So here is where I am coming from with this. Meditation (in all forms) can help with stress (a huge life inhibitor), with anger, anxiety, sadness, pain, self-doubt (yep, that too), being overwhelmed… you get the point. Everything that your brain has to deal with on a daily basis, meditation can help with. Think about this, because most of us do not… our brain is always ‘on’ point! 24/7, every single day, no holidays or weekends off… our brain is on ‘go’! It never gets a chance to rest… not even when we are sleeping! The brain continues to work for us. Always!

How would your ‘physical body’ react to that type of use? It would eventually shut down or start fighting back! Lol So we do nice things for our body… eat better, sleep, soak in a tub, exercise, and so on… but what are we doing to help our brain? Mmmm

Meditation is the key to relaxing the mind and giving it that much needed ‘rest’ from thought. And it’s so easy! All you do is ‘nothing’! What is easier than ‘nothing’? Ok, trying to let go of all the thoughts running around chaotically is a challenge, but then that’s the point, isn’t it? So try this simple meditation that I share with my clients… sit in a comfy position in a chair, on the couch, wherever, and light a candle, and then just gaze at the candle flame and do nothing but focus on the beauty of the glow. No thinking, no saving the world, no figuring out the problems of the day.. just let go in the glow! Take a few deep breaths and release slowly. That’s it!! That’s all you have to do to start learning to allow yourself a few quite ‘brain moments’. You will feel the results immediately!

Start your day with this… end your day with this… it really can save your sanity!

By the way, my good friend Sandy Anastasi (yes, you all know her) is having her webinar this month on ‘What Is Meditation’! You owe it to yourself to take an hour and learn from the best!

Sign up for that Webinar today on her site. I am certainly going to be there!

Until next time.. have an amazingly meditative month!

In light,

Lisa Freeman

Intuitive Consultant/Coach



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