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Astrological Coaching


Maerz_HS-199x300Hello, I’m John Maerz, your Instructor for the Astrological Coaching Program

I’m an author, professional speaker and coach with specializations in astrological, psychological and other esoteric disciplines. As an Emotional Troubleshooter I’ve worked as a case manager with teen substance abuse and in social services in child protection. I’m a seasoned personal coach, adviser and lecturer and with a diverse background in the human potentials field incorporating metaphysics, personality influences, shadow work, nutritional needs, creative expression and personal desires while uncovering innate abilities and hidden potentials for my clients. I’m dedicated toward raising awareness and share my own unique understandings and perspectives about life’s journey and meaning. I recognize the need for balance and accountability on our mental, physical and emotional levels as well as fulfilling our spiritual potential through our individual experiences. Beyond psychology and as a teacher my experience extends to metaphysical areas with astrology being my strongest and original discipline. Currently, I teach the Anastasi System of Psychic development with Sandy twice a year and have been on both radio and TV in New York and Florida.

I’ve published five books. The most recent is entitled “ENERGIZING SELF-TRUST: 7 Steps for Reclaiming Your Power.” It not only covers ways to reclaim your power but also covers exposing and disarming childhood patterns that inhibit our ability to regain and use our Self-Trust & Confidence. It is applicable with or without the assistance of a therapist. Psychology figures heavily in my work as an astrologer. My other works are in tarot, I-Ching, numerology and mediumship. Additional information about my psychological work can be found at:

Since I’ve recently retired from “9-5 conventional” work, writing, teaching and learning, the loves of my life, are now in full swing. I currently live and work in Sarasota, Florida with his best friend, Mickey, my 12 year old half blind Pekingese dog. We have great conversations and come to great realizations together!

Here’s what your Astrological Coaching Program fee will get you each month:

  • Two – one hour personal consultation either in person or via phone with me
  • The Astrology E-book that corresponds with the level you are working on
  • The downloadable MP3s that corresponds with the level you’re working on
  • E-mails with in-depth answers as needed for each level answered by me
  • An invitation for membership on a PRIVATE astrological Facebook page for students and teacher’s only!
  • An e-mail test, when you are ready for the astrological level you are working on which will keep you informed of your progress*.

*Once I have concluded that you have passed the given test for the specific astrological level you’ve been studying, I will grant you a green light to proceed to the next level.

There is a per level fee of $550 for the Astrological Coaching Program. Please note, you are not bound to a specific length of time to complete these levels. This is a program geared to fit into your personal lifestyle needs.

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$550. per level