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with System Teacher Beverly Frable


Beverly w crystal ball (1)Hello! My name is Beverly Frable.

I’m a certified teacher of the Anastasi System of Psychic Development, Levels 1 through 3. In addition, I hold a certificate in Tarot Reading Levels 1 and 2 from Sandy Anastasi and Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies (AIIS).

My passion is divination; my focus is tarot, one of the most popular divination tools. I’m also an Associate member of the Tarosophy Tarot Association, one of the largest tarot associations in the world.

As a professional tarot consultant, I’ve attended tarot events throughout the United States, traveling from California to New York enhancing my tarot skills under the direction of world renowned experts in the divination world.

I look forward to supporting you as you develop your tarot skills. You’ll find that tarot is a fabulous tool which can be used to gain insight into situations or events. In addition, tarot can be used to connect to the subconscious, providing the Universe with an avenue to deliver life-changing messages.

My goal in working with you will be to assist you as you explore your abilities, develop your intuitive skills, and strengthen your connection to the mystical. The possibilities are endless! I’m excited to support you on your journey.

PLEASE NOTE: This coaching program is one way you can earn Tarot Reading level 1 and 2 certification from Sandy Anastasi and AIIS!! In addition, you can work toward the certification via home study at your own pace.

Let’s work together and enjoy the adventure of self-realization through the use of the tarot divination tool!

Welcome to The Anastasi System Tarot Coaching Program

This Coaching program is designed to work with students studying the Anastasi System of Tarot Reading levels 1 and 2 either in-person or via correspondence. It was created to help students who need or want that extra personal help as they move through these classes.

The Coaching Package is designed to allow distance students to acquire a full certification from Sandy Anastasi and AIIS, in which a person may acquire a certificate of completion without actual in-person instruction *.

Classes are taken online and the student is required to join the coaching program under my tutelage. There is a per level fee of $550 for the coaching program.

-2Here’s what your coaching fee will get you each month:

  1. This package includes Two – one hour personal consultations via phone or Skype.

  2. An e-mail test, per the Tarot Reading Level you are studying, to be taken by you, the student, which will be sent back to me for my evaluation of your progress **.

  3. E-mails with in-depth answers as needed.

* In order to be awarded a certificate of completion from Sandy Anastasi and AIIS one must work with my coaching on each of the two levels. There is no time limit as to how slow or how quickly a person may study. This is a personal journey and one that can certainly work into your own time schedule. It IS required that you complete and pass each level’s testing before a certificate will be mailed to you.

** Once I have received the testing submission for the first of the two Tarot Reading levels you will be studying, you will be granted a green light to proceed to the next level of study.

Special notice: People studying on eBook, MP3, or CD can still purchase coaching, but cannot get a certificate.

For more information feel free to e-mail me directly.

Register for Coaching with Beverly

$550. per level