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Dark Forces Video Download

Posted on Oct 24, 2017 in Education | 1 comment

Dark Forces

Are dark forces real? This webinar is being offered both to help you to understand the nature of the dark forces around you, to help you to identify them in your own life, and to give you actual tools to remove their influence from your life and the lives of those you love.

Do you feel blocked, tired all the time, unhappy much of the time? Do you feel burdened, overextended, financially backsliding?

Many authorities, including the Bible, have talked at length about how the darkness invades your life in a thousand subtle ways to cause chaos.

Have you ever wondered why? Why can that darkness even exist in a Universe of light?

In this reality-bending webinar my Guides and I will show you what is really going on.

You will learn about energy through all dimensions and come to understand energy theft or vampirism in all areas of our multi-dimensional universe. More importantly, you will understand what to do about it to expel it from your own life.

As always, this video will finish with a wonderful light-filled guided meditation by my Guides and I as we lead you to strengthen your own resolve to Live in the Light.

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  1. Ena Beukes

    I made the payment, but is it only the introduction that I receive. I have not received anything else.

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