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We begin the month with Mercury turning retrograde in Sagittarius almost conjunct Saturn. Any last-minute responsibilities relative to Saturn have a tiny window for adjustment before the opportunities close on the 20th when Saturn goes home into Capricorn. Then, things will be cemented in place. Mercury will remain retrograde to the end of Saturn’s sojourn in Sagittarius giving us time to review and adjust his issues until the change comes on the 20th. Remember, also, that Mercury messes with anything with communication until it goes direct on the 23rd.

If you’re thinking of a vacation, plan it well, especially, if it’s out of the country. Saturn conjuncting Mercury gives a good understanding of how you should interact with other cultures and religions. It also gives a good understanding of what is required for the holidays through cultural traditions.

Mars moves into Scorpio on the 9th so motivations for action will retreat underground. If you want someone to understand how or why you’re acting, you’ll have to speak out. That shouldn’t be too hard with Mercury still in Sagittarius.

On the 18th the Moon will be new in Sagittarius. This should give us a bird’s eye view of any changes we’ve made in our schedules and priorities and give us a glimpse of how the next two and a half years will proceed with Saturn in Capricorn.

Relative to Saturn’s change into Capricorn, those of you who are either Capricorn or Cancer, your responsibilities in relationships and how you come across to others will have the opportunity to shift relative to your past behavior. That is, if you’ve taken care of your responsibilities over the last two and a half years, your rewards and accomplishments are at hand. For those of you who haven’t, it’ll time to make payment for laxed responses.

For those of you who are Aries or Libra, you may find that people and circumstances begin to work at cross purposes to the way you thought or hoped things would work out. Don’t be dismayed. This effectively takes you out of the spotlight so you can proceed quietly and privately if you choose. If you make a fuss over the differences in your expectations, this will put you in contention with others and create stress in your endeavors. Use Mars’ sojourn into Scorpio as a cloak from the public eye. It will give you time to adjust before public exposure. Other signs will have varied results.

On the 23rd, Mercury will turn direct, still in Sagittarius, and you can begin to reveal your plans to others without misunderstanding. Venus’ move into Capricorn on the 25th will give you a clear bead on how you want to proceed with your career and how you appear to the public. Take some time to invest some energy here. Have a productive month!                          


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