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Kabbala Path 24

Kabbala Path 24

Kabbala Path 24

kabbala-mandala-path-24Areas the 24th Path will help you:

Feeling that you are a part of everything, and that everything is a part of you.


Increased interest and awareness of plants, nature, gardening, and nurturing the environment.

Increasing the sensitivity of all of your physical senses.

Increasing sensitivity of the psychic senses that correspond to the physical five senses.

Recognition that momentary desires are only diversions.

“Surrendering” to a “calling.”

Facing and passing through your own death wish.

Letting go of the mind.

Resurrection. (Insight into the interplay of life and death.)

Knowledge of the power within you, and that it is appropriate for whatever you have to do.

Intensification of your energy and creativity.

Intensification of receptivity.

Learning to yield to the cycles of life and death, and utilizing this understanding to determine your direction.

Accepting your feminine side.

In letting go you get a surge of energy. (Spiritual Orgasm).

Understanding that love is a need to give of your Self.

Understanding that the “urge to merge” or find a “soul mate” and be absorbed into that mate is an urge to return to the soul.

Letting go of physicality.

Astral travel.

Overcoming your fear of death.

Confronting your fears and conquering them.

Assimilating grief.

Insight into solving your own inner conflict.

Understanding and insight into other’s inner conflicts.

The arousal of kundalini energy through sex.

Being able to deal with whatever comes out of your unconscious mind.



— Sphere of Netzach —

We commence our journey in the Sphere of Netzach, Victory.

The Hebrew Divine name is Jehovah Tzabaoth.

The Archangel is Haniel, Prince of Love and Harmony.

The Order of Angels is the Elohim, the Gods who are also called the Order of Principalities.

The corresponding planet is Venus.

The number is 7.

The symbols of Netzach are the girdle, the rose and the lamp.

The stone is emerald or turquoise.

The metal is copper.

The color is green.

The corresponding body parts are the loins, hips and legs.

The corresponding chakra is the Solar Plexus Center, the gland is the adrenals.

Living beings are the dove, the sparrow and the swan.

The symbolic creature is the lynx.

The musical note is an “E.”

The scent is rose.

Herbs are blackberry, cherry tree, dwarf elder and golden seal.

The magical image is a beautiful naked woman.

Mythical correspondences are the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, the Roman Venus and the Norse Goddess Freya. All are Goddesses of love and of nature.

The spiritual experience is a vision of beauty triumphant.

— 24th Path —

The 24th Path is known as the Imaginative Intelligence, so-called because it gives a likeness to all the similitudes, which are created in like manner similar to its harmonious elegances.

The Hebrew letter for the Path is Nun, meaning “fish.”

The meaning of the simple form of the letter is movement.

The corresponding astrological sign is Scorpio.

The planetary influence is Mars.

The Tarot Major Arcanum card that corresponds is Death.

Symbols on the Path are water plants, lurid colors, carnivorous plants and sea creatures and all objects of desire.

Living creatures are the scorpion, the wolf, the turtle and the lobster or crayfish.

The symbolic creature is the Phoenix.

The stones are snakestone, carnelian and malachite.

The scent is benzoin.

Plants are cactus and houndstongue.

The color is greenish-blue.

The musical note is “G.”

Mythological correspondences are the Mara, Goddess of the Mystic Sea, Hecate, Greek Goddess of the overworld and underworld and Athena, Greek Goddess of War and Home.

— Sphere of Tiphareth —

The Sphere of Destination is Tiphareth, Beauty.

The Hebrew Divine name is Jehovah Aloah Va Daath.

It is known as the Mediating Intelligence.

The Archangel is Raphael, Prince of Brightness, Beauty and Life.

He is the Archangel of Healing.

The Order of Angels is the Melechim, the Angelic Kings called the Order of Virtues, Angels and Rulers, who are responsible for creating and maintaining perpetual balance and harmony in all things.

The corresponding planet is the Sun.

The number is 6.

Symbols of Tiphareth are the Calvary Cross, the Rose Cross, the Truncated Pyramid and the Cube.

The stones are topaz and diamond.

The metal is gold.

The color is yellow.

The corresponding body part is the breast.

The corresponding chakra is the Heart Center and the gland is the thymus.

Living beings are the lion, the child and the phoenix.

The symbolic creature is the sparrow-hawk.

The musical note is an “F.”

The scent is aloe, cinnamon and clove.

Herbs are angelica, almond, frankincense and myrrh.

The magical image is a Majestic King, a Child, or a Sacrificed God.

The mythical correspondences are all of the Sacrificed Gods.

The spiritual experience is a vision of the Harmony of things and of healing and redemption.


(available in the book only)

Path Journal

A. Record your emotional reactions to your experiences on the path here immediately upon completion. Include any physical responses or sensations.

Date of completion:

Emotional responses:

Physical reactions:

What do you think these responses indicate?

B. Use this section as a diary of your experiences during the week following your completion of the path. Be sure to include how you react to things emotionally as well as how you deal with any major issues that may arise.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

C. Review the week’s experiences. How has the path affected the way you handled this week’s issues?

D. What special dreams has this path stimulated this week?