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Kabbala Path 26

Kabbala Path 26

kabbala-mandala-path-26Kabbala Path 26

Areas the 26th Path will help you:

Detachment, and sublimation of emotions.

Overcoming your tendencies to be over-dominating.

Overcoming feelings of selfishness and conceit.

Gaining a sense of calmness and centeredness.

Opening the Heart Center

Increasing your energy.

Understanding that controlling the “carrot” for others to chase yields no fulfillment.

Understanding that you cannot grow beyond anything that you continue to pursue.

Knowledge that obsession comes from the desperate need to avoid opening the heart and giving up control.

Understanding that the only way to overcome our self-imposed limits and fears is to go deeper into them.

Recognizing that nothing is what it seems.

Recognizing that you are controlled only by that which you attempt to control.

Knowledge that whatever you build will eventually block your progress when you outgrow it. It will trap you until you discard it.

Undestanding that nothing is forever.

The ability to see things as they are.

Improving perspective.

Tolerance for others, especially your partner(s).

Increasing your spirit of generosity.

Understanding that you create your own reality with your mind.

Understanding that you have the right to protect your home, and you have the means to do it.


Being able to open your heart and give up control.

Letting your Guides in.

Disengaging from patterns of over or under achievement.

Acquiring the drive for achievement and balanced growth.

Improving organizational ability.

Choosing your own goals, and being able to accomplish them.


Dealing with time.


kabbala-outline-path-26— Sphere of Hod —

We commence our journey in the Sphere of Hod, Splendor.

The Hebrew Divine name is Elohim Tzabaoth.

This is known as the Absolute, or Perfect intelligence.

The Archangel is Michael, Prince of Splendor and Wisdom.

The Order of Angels are the Beni Elohim, the “Sons of the Gods” or the “Elemental Kings.”

The planet is Mercury.

The number is 8.

The Tarot correspondences are the four eights.

Symbols are the apron, language, and visual images.

Hod corresponds to systems of magic, science, religion and government and to the mental processes themselves.

Its color is orange.

The symbolic creatures are two snakes, intertwined.

The corresponding animal is the monkey.

The metal is quicksilver.

Stones are opal and agate.

Herbs are fennel, cedar, cassia and cinquefoil.

The mythological correspondences include the Greek Hermes, the Roman Mercury, the Egyptian Thoth and Chiron – healer, teacher and warrior who was half God and half mortal.

The body correspondences are the loins and the legs.

The chakra is the solar plexus, the gland is the adrenals.

The musical note is “D.”

The magical image is a hermaphrodite.

— 26th Path —

The 26th Path is known as the Renovating Intelligence, because the Holy God renews by it all the changing things, which are renewed by the creation of the world.

Its esoteric titles are the Lord of the Gates of Matter and the Child of the Forces of Time.

The Hebrew letter is Ayin, which means eye.

The simple letter is “mirth.”

The corresponding astrological sign is Capricorn.

The planetary influence is Saturn.

The Major Arcana Tarot Card is the Devil.

The color is indigo.

The stone is black diamond or hematite.

The magical tools or weapons are the “secret force” and the lamp.

Symbols are the Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life.

Symbolic living creatures are the dragon, the monkey and the crocodile.

The musical note is “A.”

Scents are musk and civet.

Herbs are absynthe, rue and lambs tongue.

Associated mythological figures are Pan and Chiron, both born of one celestial and one human parent.

The spiritual experience is a transmutation of power, a release from the limitations of matter.

The 26th Path is known as the Hermetic Path; its reward is raw power and the ability to manipulate Astral currents.

— Sphere of Tiphareth —

The Sphere of Destination is Tiphareth, Beauty.

The Hebrew Divine name is Jehovah Aloah Va Daath.

It is known as the Mediating Intelligence or Influence.

The Archangel is Raphael, Prince of Brightness, Beauty and Life. He is the Archangel of Healing.

The Order of Angels is the Melechim, the Angelic Kings called the Order of Virtues, Angels and Rulers, who are responsible for creating and maintaining perpetual balance and harmony in all things.

The corresponding planet is the Sun.

The number is 6.

Symbols of Tiphareth are the Calvary Cross, the Rose Cross, the Truncated Pyramid and the Cube.

The stones are topaz and diamond.

The metal is gold.

The color is yellow.

The corresponding body part is the breast.

The corresponding chakra is the Heart Center and the gland is the thymus.

Living beings are the lion, the child and the phoenix.

The symbolic creature is the sparrow-hawk.

The musical note is “F.”

The scent is aloe, cinnamon and clove.

Herbs are angelica, almond, frankincense and myrrh.

The magical image is a Majestic King, a Child, or a Sacrificed God.

The mythical correspondences are all of the Sacrificed Gods, including the Egyptian Osirus, the Indian Krishna and Buddha and the Christian Jesus.

The spiritual experience is a vision of the Harmony of things and of Healing and Redemption.


(available in the book only)

Path Journal

A. Record your emotional reactions to your experiences on the path here immediately upon completion. Include any physical responses or sensations.

Date of completion:

Emotional responses:

Physical reactions:

What do you think these responses indicate?

B. Use this section as a diary of your experiences during the week following your completion of the path. Be sure to include how you react to things emotionally as well as how you deal with any major issues that may arise.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

C. Review the week’s experiences. How has the path affected the way you handled this week’s issues?

D. What special dreams has this path stimulated this week?