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Kabbala Path 27

Kabbala Path 27

Kabbala Path 27

kabbala-mandala-path-27Areas the 27th Path will help you:

Facing your greatest fears.

Letting go of useless patterns and shedding useless values.

The ability to meet out justice and to understand it.

The ability to avert arguments or to achieve skill in debates.

Learning about your powers of endurance.

Understanding that to lose what you have been afraid of losing is to gain your freedom.

Learning that there is nothing to lose.

You are not a victim.

Suffering is useless, unnecessary, and self-imposed.

Frustration and a desire to be done with your own sense of futility.

Love triumphs over obstacles.

Dealing with the unexpected, and an improved ability to handle crisis situations.

Having faith in your self.

Understanding that fighting is always significant of insecurity.

Dissolving greed and me-ism.


Overcoming small-mindedness in yourself and others.

Understanding your need for love, understanding, encouragement, and unconditionalness.

Understanding your right to defend yourself, but also the requirement not to impose yourself on others.

Overcoming inertia.

Understanding the statement, “what goes around, comes around.”

Finding a suitable partner or mate.


kabbala-outline-path-27— Sphere of Hod —

We commence our journey in the Sphere of Hod, Splendor.

The Hebrew Divine name is Elohim Tzabaoth.

The Archangel is Michael, Prince of Splendour and Wisdom.

The Order of Angels is the Beni Elohim, the “Sons of the Gods.”

The corresponding planet is Mercury.

The number is 8.

The Tarot correspondences are the four eights.

Symbols are language and visual images.

This Sephiroh also corresponds to systems of magic, science, religion and government.

The color is orange.

Symbolic creatures are two snakes intertwined.

The metal is quicksilver.

Stones are opal and agate.

Mythical figures include the Greek God Hermes, the Roman Mercury, the Egyptian Thoth and Chiron, healer, teacher and warrior who was half God and half mortal.

The body correspondences are the loins and the legs.

The chakra is the solar plexus, the gland is the adrenals.

The musical note is “D.”

The magical image is a hermaphrodite.

— 27th Path —

The 27th Path is known as the Active or Exciting Intelligence because through it every existent being receives its spirit and motion.

It is called the “House of God” or “Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty” – Elohim Gibor Tzabaoth.

Many know it as the “Path of the Flaming Sword.”

The Hebrew letter is Peh, which means mouth.

This letter is a “double” letter, showing that this is one of the “Gateways of the Soul” with two possible directions we may follow.

It is through this Path that the higher energies are brought in to energize the personality.

It is the first of the three major “initiations” you will experience on your journey “up” the Tree.

The Planetary influence is Mars.

The corresponding Astrological sign is Scorpio.

The Major Arcana Tarot card that corresponds is the Tower.

The magical weapon is the double edged sword.

Symbolic living creatures are the horse, the bear, the wolf, the scorpion and the lobster or crayfish.

Other symbols are the pentagram, the cross and the tower.

The stone is ruby.

The color is scarlet red.

The musical note is “C.”

Scents are benzoin, sulphur and tobacco.

Herbs are cayenne pepper and dragon’s blood.

Plants are poppies, poplars, pansies and yew.

The associated mythological figures are the Roman God Mars, the Greek Athena and the Hindu Kali.

The spiritual experience is one of transformation through crisis and renewal through suffering.

The primary lesson on the Path is that old forms must pass before new ones can exist.

— Sphere of Netzach —

The Sphere of Destination is Netzach, Victory.

The Hebrew Divine name is Jehovah Tzabaoth.

The Archangel is Haniel, Prince of Love and Harmony.

The Order of Angels is the Elohim, the Gods who are also known as the Order of Principalities.

The corresponding planet is Venus.

The number is 7.

The symbols of Netzach are the girdle, the rose and the lamp.

The stone is emerald or turquoise.

The metal is copper.

The color is green.

The corresponding body parts are the loins, hips and legs.

The corresponding chakra is the Solar Plexus Center and the gland is the adrenals.

Living beings are the dove, the sparrow and the swan.

The symbolic creature is the lynx.

The musical note is an “E.”

The scent is rose.

Herbs are blackberry, cherry, dwarf elder and golden seal.

The magical image is a beautiful, naked woman.

Mythical correspondences are the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, the Roman Venus and the Norse Goddess Freya. All are Goddesses of love and nature.

The spiritual experience is a vision of beauty triumphant.


(available in the book only)

Path Journal

A. Record your emotional reactions to your experiences on the path here immediately upon completion. Include any physical responses or sensations.

Date of completion:

Emotional responses:

Physical reactions:

What do you think these responses indicate?

B. Use this section as a diary of your experiences during the week following your completion of the path. Be sure to include how you react to things emotionally as well as how you deal with any major issues that may arise.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

C. Review the week’s experiences. How has the path affected the way you handled this week’s issues?

D. What special dreams has this path stimulated this week?