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Tarot Reader’s Workbook

A Comprehensive Guide from Beginner to Master

“For anyone who is looking at understanding life, they need to understand their place in it. The Tarot helps to unlock some of the doors to the vast Universe we all coexist in. Sandy hands you the keys in this book.” — Psychic Medium John Edward

Back Cover Description: Whether you are a beginning-level Tarot reader, an experienced professional, or just curious, the Tarot Reader’s Workbook will help you to expand your knowledge of and ability to interpret the tarot cards. The Tarot is more than an ages-old system of divining the future. It is a key to unlocking your inner wisdom and a guide to personal evolution!

A book preview (showing the front and back covers, the table of contents, and 10 sample pages of book content) is available as a download here. For best viewing, please download this file to your computer (right click on the link, select save-as) because the file size is a few megabytes.



Paperback Workbook – $26.95

Workbook eBook (PDF)

Digital eWorkbook – $16.95

Workbook eBook (Kindle)

Amazon Kindle eBook – $14.95


kindle_hand_w250Testimonial for Kindle version of Tarot Reader’s Workbook:

“The Kindle version of Sandy’s books are the perfect solution for the spiritual/metaphysical student on-the-go. Living in the city, I travel on public transportation quite a bit. Now that I have Sandy’s books on my iPhone, I can learn and practice my psychic skills whenever I want and wherever I am… because I can now fit all of her books into my pocket! The kindle version is real simple to use and read. With a single click on my iPhone screen, I can jump from the table of contents to any section or exercise I wish. In fact, it’s just as fast as flipping through my paperback copy. And the text size can be scaled up or down to whatever size I want to make the test readable. It’s really pretty awesome!

For those who owns an iPhone or Kindle, I highly recommend adding the Kindle edition of Sandy’s books to your library.” – Rick, Boston MA



T3Kabbala Tarot


Learn the pyramidal spread (one position for each of the sephiroth) giving both a spiritual and mundane reading. Heavy emphasis is given to the dualistic nature of choice and circumstance. Prior knowledge of the Kabbala is desirable but unnecessary.


Audio CD

Audio CDs


T4Crowley Tarot


The Crowley deck is one of the most misunderstood collections of esoteric teachings. Exploring the cards and their archetypical implications in our daily and spiritual life will be of benefit to the professional & layman alike.


Audio CD

Audio CDs



TW5-T&KtKarma-CD-CvrTarot and the Keys to Karma


Learn a simple and effective method for recognizing past lives and their patterns through the cards. Special emphasis is given to correlating the past and present day circumstances from the perspective of being responsible for our own choices & options available for change.


Audio CD

Workshop Audio CDs – $17.95


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