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Introduction to Numerology Webinar

Numerology is a super-simple tool to learn to use well, yet is also amazingly complex and can become a lifelong study that will teach you about yourself and your loved ones as well as our world. It can be used for understanding and insight, and is a predictive tool of great accuracy as well.

In this webinar I will be talking about why Numerology works, and I will give my insights into the meanings of each number in the Pythagorean system, including the double digit numbers. I’ll show you how to figure out your Life Path, and explain what that means to you. I’ll show you how to figure out your Current Year, and help you to understand what that means, and how to ‘read’ that against your Life Path for lots of insight into what’s going on in your life this year!

We’ll touch upon some simple everyday uses of Numerology to – for example you’ll learn to tell how someone uses their car from their license plate, and their phone, from its number!

I’ll also give you an overview of many of the deeper facets of Numerology, like the Soul Urge and the Quiet Self and the Personality…as well as life challenges and more. At the end of this seminar you will have both a working knowledge of Numerology and some easy applications, and overview of a metaphysical science that is thousands of years old.

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“Hi Sandy, This was one of my favorite webinars! I have been studying Numerology for a long time but your class simplified everything and made the process of learning so much easier. I did not see the handouts anywhere on the screen. I would really like to have those. They were such a great addition to the class. Thanks again for all you do. Donna C”




Twelve Ways to Open to Your Own Gifts

I am planning a very special Evolution of Consciousness Webinar for you this month, to celebrate the completion of this wonderful series of personal development online classes.

This month’s webinar is action based and gives twelve ways you can open your own God-Given gifts! In celebration of the season, my Guides and I will be using the 12 Days of Christmas metaphorically as a roadmap to awaken your gifts, and to make this webinar tremendous fun! You will be getting the absolute best tools we know of to discover parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed, and to develop those special abilities, traits, and skills that are uniquely yours to use and to share with others. This webinar will help you to start your next life endeavor on track and in the positive and successful direction you have always dreamed of!

Remember that the greatest gift you can give to others, is the gift of yourself – well balanced, happy, in charge of your life and your emotions and your finances and your world. In this webinar you will discover how to reward yourself and shape yourself into that special person you’ve always dreamed of being. Soon the other people in your life and especially the people you love will see your presence in their life as a great gift in itself!

That’s why I created this webinar – I’m going to pull open the ribbon on those 12 gifts you will give to yourself this season. My Guides and I will be showing you 12 amazing gifts that are already yours! Uncovering them and using them will be your own gift to yourself this year!

It’s easy, and it’s fun! Please join me for this amazing webinar. Don’t you want to know how “A Partridge in a Pear Tree” or “9 Ladies Dancing” could possibly be related to your own special gifts?

As with all my webinars in this Evolution of Consciousness series, we will end with a Guided Meditation which will utilize a kind of self-hypnosis to help you to uncover and internalize these 12 gifts so they will be yours forever. They will become a cornerstone of your life.

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Help to Heal Yourself with this Group Meditation

This webinar will follow a different pattern than most of my other Evolution of Consciousness Webinar’s. There will be a brief introduction in which my Guides and I will talk about the power of energetic healing and the various ways it can be used, and following that most of the session will consist of you first healing you, then healing a place or situation or person in your life, then joining in a group healing.

It is our intention to leave you not only feeling your best, but with the knowledge and understanding to be able to continue using the healing techniques we shared with you to continue to heal yourself and others.

As a special gift for attending this webinar you will receive not only a recording of it that you can repeat over and over again, but also an MP3 of my ‘Self Healing’ meditation and an invitation to join my Facebook Healing Group.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at this amazing webinar! Love and Light, Sandy Anastasi

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Dark Forces

Are dark forces real? This webinar is being offered both to help you to understand the nature of the dark forces around you, to help you to identify them in your own life, and to give you actual tools to remove their influence from your life and the lives of those you love.

Do you feel blocked, tired all the time, unhappy much of the time? Do you feel burdened, overextended, financially backsliding?

Many authorities, including the Bible, have talked at length about how the darkness invades your life in a thousand subtle ways to cause chaos.
Have you ever wondered why? Why can that darkness even exist in a Universe of light?

In this reality-bending webinar my Guides and I will show you what is really going on. You will learn about energy through all dimensions and come to understand energy theft or vampirism in all areas of our multi-dimensional universe. More importantly, you will understand what to do about it to expel it from your own life.

As always, this webinar will finish with a wonderful light-filled guided meditation by my Guides and I as we lead you to strengthen your own resolve to Live in the Light.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the webinar.

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An Evolution of Consciousness Webinar:

Change Your Life

Using These 7 Steps To Positive Thinking

Think, Do, Be Positive

This month’s webinar is action based to give you the absolute best tools to start getting your life on track and in the positive and successful direction you have always dreamed of!

My Guides and I will be sharing 7 amazing steps you can easily implement in your life to help jump-start your psyche into positive thought patterns.

I know your doubts, and your complaints, and your challenges, because I’ve had them myself!

You get it, I know you do! You know you can change your life for the better using positive thinking. And you’re trying. I know you are!

But life keeps interfering, doesn’t it. There you are trying to get your mindset into positive mode and then that car cuts you off, or pulls in front of you and slows down to a snail’s pace.

Oops. Lost that positive vibration, didn’t you?

Or you’ve got all your ducks in order for that perfect day and you get the phone call that your special friend/relative is in trouble and needs you right now….and your perfectly positive head-space disappears almost instantly.

How about how happy you are that you’ve set your budget for the month and there’s actually some fun-money! At least there is, before the car breaks down.

If you are seeing it the way I was, you DO get that you need to change your thoughts from negative to positive, but it just feels like the deck is stacked against you.

So you know that something has got to change. I know you are ready to make that happen. That’s why I created this webinar –

I’m going to give you 7 easy action steps that you can take right away to turn your thought patterns from typically negative ones to the positive ones that will turn your life into a succession of positive, uplifting events and have you establishing new growth patterns geared to lifelong success!

It is easier than you think, once you understand the process!

Please join me for this amazing webinar.

As with all my webinars in this Evolution of Consciousness series, we will end with a Guided Meditation which will utilize a kind of self-hypnosis to help you to internalize these 7-steps to positive thinking. They will become a cornerstone of your life.


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World of Law of Attraction on Old Paper

The Law of Attraction:

How You Can Use It To Create the Life You Have Dreamed of Living

Almost everyone these days has heard about the Law of Attraction, but few people really understand it. And of those who at least comprehend it, most don’t know how to use it in their lives to develop a consistently better life experience.

Just knowing, understanding, and believing that you create your world with the thoughts you think does not explain to you how to change your emotional and mental thought patterns. Believing in the power of your mind to create does not give you the actual tools that will give you conscious control over what you are creating!

Most of us who first hear about the Law of Attraction can see it acting in our own lives when we look at how we have managed to manifest the very things we most feared. Many of us realize that we have consistently been unable to obtain the things, relationship, work, or lifestyle we want because of our deep seated feeling that we may not deserve them, or that there is something more we need to accomplish or acquire in order to obtain them.

So even though most of us have heard of the Law of Attraction and the concept that we create our world with our thoughts and feelings, most of us have made very little progress toward using these understandings to truly take charge of our lives.

This very important webinar is the missing link you are looking for. My Guides and I are going to both clarify exactly how the Law of Attraction works, and give you very specific tools that you can use to use it in a positive way in your life. It is my intention in this webinar to take a great concept and give it practical value. You will come away from this webinar with immediate steps that you can take right away to change your life for the better.

As always in my webinars, we will end with a deep guided meditation that will help you to assimilate the manifestation process and the ability to implement it in your life.


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Evolution of Consciousness Series:

3 Ways your Spirit Guides Help You Every Day

You are already aware that we live in a world of energy. You already perceive that there is a much larger universe than our physical one surrounding you and that there are many planes of existence. You already know that those planes touch and affect one another because you have had those occasional contacts with the unseen. Those contacts may have only been in dreams or they may have been through feelings or even a sense of hearing a voice not your own.

You may even wonder if those occasional contacts are your Spirit Guides.

Those of you who have taken my Evolution of Consciousness Webinar on Meeting your Guides are sure of it.

In this month’s webinar I am going to explore your connection to your Spirit Guides with you. If you have wondered where your Spirit Guides are, and why they chose to help YOU, if you’ve wondered if those feelings were your Guides communications, and if you’ve wondered how else they may be connecting with you, you will find out in this webinar.

My own Spirit Guides and I are going to give you three specific ways that you can know that your Spirit Guides are with you and that you can recognize their guidance in your life on a daily basis.

As always, I will end this webinar with a special guided meditation to help you increase your connection to your Spirit Guide and be able to receive guidance more clearly and easily.

I’m looking forward to seeing you online!


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Our Psychic Pets:  7 Tips to Connect with Them

An Evolution of Consciousness Webinar with Sandy Anastasi

From my earliest childhood I have been blessed by the pets I have had the pleasure to share my life with. Being childless myself, I have poured all of my nurturing into my family of dogs, cats, birds, mice, fish, turtles, snakes and other reptiles, and even some insects who ‘adopted’ me.

And the loving energy I’ve given to my furry, hairless, and scaled four legged, two legged, no legged, winged, and crawling animal friends has been returned a thousand times over.

I’ve done healing work both in person and over distance for animals, but even more importantly, I’ve had my animal friends send healing to me, and I’ve even worked with healer-animals to heal other humans and other animals.

I’ve communicated and communed with my animal friends. I’ve connected with them in every way, vocally, via hand commands and body language, to telepathy and empathy.

I’ve even astral traveled with several of my pets, both while they were alive and after they’d passed.

And I’ve met some of my pets who are old souls through several of their incarnations here on earth, always feeling blessed when they chose another life with me.

My pets never run from me; they run to me. They know that we are family.

I want to share some of my joy in my pet family with you, and teach you via 7 simple tips how you can create the same warm, loving, and fulfilling relationship and communication with your best animal friends as I have with mine. It really isn’t hard, once you know the simple secrets to creating a lifelong bond, and understanding how that bond can help both you and your loving pet to evolve and grow together.

As always in my webinars, there will be a special Guided Meditation by my Guides and I to help you to find and meet your special animal guide, and to understand how you can best connect not just with your own best animal buddy but also with all of the animals in the natural world around you!

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“What Your Dreams Mean
and How You Can Use Them to Enhance Your Life”

This webinar is designed for everyone who is interested in the art and power of dreaming.

Many Indian tribes, like the Hopi in the Americas and the Aborigines in Australia maintain the belief that the ‘dream-time’ or the ‘world of dreams’ is the real world and our physical reality is merely the reflection of it. The Shaman of these tribes know that by altering circumstances and addressing issues and situations in the dream world they can affect and alter them in the material world we all physically live in.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to do that?

For many years I have been teaching my students and readers how to remember their dreams, how to have lucid dreams where they can wake in their dreams, and how to take control of their lives by becoming an active participant in their dreams.

Let me show you how. Isn’t it time to begin changing your life into the life you know you were born to live, right now?

In this webinar my Guides and I will be covering a broad range of topics including just what your dreams are, where they come from, why you need them, how they can be used for understanding, even prediction of events in your life, and most important of all, how you can use them to alter the circumstances of your world.

Am I talking ‘Lathe of Heaven’ as in the movie by that name? You may just be surprised to find out….

As always in my webinars series, this webinar will include a guided meditation intended to connect directly with your unconscious minds, to help guide you into making full use of your dreams in every way! I’m looking forward to seeing you there!  Love and Light, Sandy Anastasi

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Evolution of Consciousness – Finding Your Spiritual Path

Do you feel deep inside of yourself that there is a special purpose you are here for, or that your life is intended to have a specific focus? Have you been searching for much of your life for that ‘right’ path – the one that you absolutely know is the path you were always meant to be on?

In this very special webinar I am going to give you deep insight into your life’s purpose, what it is and how to find it. We are going to touch upon everything from the purpose humankind is serving at this time on our planet, to finding your own soul’s purpose in incarnating in this life at this time. This webinar is a must for anyone who feels a sense of inner purpose, who wants to make a difference, and who wants to get in touch with your innermost all-knowing self.

As always in my webinars, there will be a special Guided Meditation by my Guides and I to help you to find and know your soul’s purpose, find your right path in life, and commit to it.

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Six Ways to Connect with Psychic Children in Today’s World

This webinar is not only for all parents and grandparents in today’s world, it is for every adult who plans on living another ten or twenty years. Keep reading if you want to be able to successfully live in the world our future holds, because the future is in the hands of our psychic children.

Over the years I have watched the Star Children, the Indigo Children, and more come into our world and be ‘labeled’. As an astrologer I identified them as being members of exclusive generations bringing into the world and awakening in mankind certain dormant ‘abilities’. Most recently we have identified a generation of frequently autistic children. What does that mean to them and their families? To the world? Where is this leading us?

In this webinar I am going to look at these generations of children, at what they have to offer and why they are here, now. I am going to help YOU to understand them and their purpose, and what it means to you. My Guides and I will channel this information to you using the stars as a guidepost. Be prepared to get some deep insight into our future on this planet.

You will leave this webinar with a greater understanding of the evolution our world and mankind are going through now, and how these children are aiding that purpose. More importantly, you will leave with insight into how all this affects YOU, and how you can help yourself, your children, your family, and our world. As always, I will end this hour long webinar with a guided meditation to help you clearly see your own purpose through our evolving world.

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Frame of Mind series. Composition of human face wire-frame and fractal elements with metaphorical relationship to mind reason thought mental powers and mystic consciousness

The Evolution of Your Consciousness:

Helping You to Succeed in Today’s World

In this groundbreaking webinar that leads off my new Evolution of Consciousness series. I am going to show you that there is a clear and defining series of steps that every one of us follows as our consciousness awakens to higher levels of insight, understanding, and evolution. By understanding and being able to clearly discern these steps in yourself and in others you will be able to track your own evolutionary path at this moment, and will find that as a result of these insights you have far greater understanding and patience with other people as well as yourself.

I have gained these insights over my 38 years of work and research. I will be referring to such wonderful sources as Abraham Hicks, Alice Bailey, and James Redfield, whose literary works have changed the lives of millions for the better. Using these special insights I will share in this webinar you will be able to apply the knowledge from these sources directly to your current life challenges in a way that helps you surmount them almost instantly.

I am very excited about this work we will be doing together. I invite you to join me and take one of the biggest steps you have ever taken to bring change, growth and evolution in all areas into your life this year. All you have to do is be present and listen:

  • You will learn how to identify all the places and ways you lose your energy.
  • You will learn what to do about it.
  • You will learn how to transform loss into gain.
  • You will learn how to find your own center and keep it.
  • You will learn how to succeed in today’s world and keep up with its constant shifts.
  • You will even learn to embrace change as an avenue of opportunity.

As always in my webinars, I will also end the session with a brief guided meditation to help you reaffirm your personal goals for transformation and evolution and your ability to find and lead the most successful life for yourself.

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The Evolution of Consciousness – What You Can Do To Take Charge In Your Own Life

This webinar is not to be missed! We are going to explore the steps that mankind is experiencing now in our journey towards expanded consciousness and higher awareness. Each and every one of us is on the same journey. It is exciting, yet sometimes saddening as we often outgrow people in our lives that we love and care for. This webinar is for everyone who is walking this journey consciously and who wants to understand it better, and to be able to understand and help the people around us to expand their own awareness as well. A guided meditation for growth and acceptance is included.

Taking charge and becoming self-responsible is the first step towards your own evolution, as well as helping those you love and care for to take those first steps on their own journey. My Guides and I have been guiding and counseling my students and clients for over 38 years towards taking charge, making healthier decisions, and improving their own lives. Let ME help YOU to begin or enhance your own conscious evolution NOW.

“I enjoyed your Webinar Sandy. It was wonderful to see you and be in your energy field again! I have a few relatives that tend to bring my temperature “up” and I have actually been learning to walk away, but your energy meditation was a wonderful addition to my survival repertoire”.- Judy


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Replenish Your Own Energy – Techniques to Surround Yourself with Your Own Unlimited Energy

This webinar is for everyone who is aware of energy, and that every interaction with another person seems to affect or even diminish your energy. You will learn the symptoms of energy depletion before your energy drop is critical, and what to do about it. You will learn a series of tried and true techniques For raising your energy level no matter what is going on in your life or around you. The webinar has a wonderful, regenerating meditation with it.

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Exploring the World of Psychic Vampires Webinar

A Beauty Image Of A Young Woman Looking Into A Mirror, Smiling.Vampirism is alive and well among us. This Webinar, perfectly timed for Halloween and both the fun of the holiday and the time of the thinning of the Veil between the planes, will explore the nature of psychic vampires on both sides of the veil, and how you may identify and avoid them!

This is the time of the year when people are most open to the discussion of vampires and things in the unseen world, and so it is the best time to have an in-depth discussion that will blow the lid right off of something that is undermining our entire society.

The material I’ll be covering in this Webinar is partially researched and partially my own direct life experience which I will freely share with you. Those of you who have studied my Anastasi System of Psychic Development know that I place a great deal of emphasis on protection in all of the psychic courses I teach. In this Webinar on Psychic Vampires you are going to learn why.

You Will Learn:

  • What psychic vampirism is
  • How to identify psychic vampires
  • What to do about vampires on both sides of the veil
  • Sources you can tap for more information

As always, Sandy will include a guided meditation for protective insight and energy.

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bigstock-vector-space-scene-32178515How to Manifest Your World – Your Blueprint for Thought Projection!

This month’s webinar builds upon last month’s exploration of meditation, and launches you into the world of thought creation and energy manifestation.

Anyone can do this, and successfully controlling your thoughts and consciously manifesting the world you choose to live in is your next step as and evolving being.

I am SO EXCITED about this webinar. It is my intention to teach you the steps you need to follow to actually be able to use all of the wonderful things you learned when you studied ‘The Secret and first learned that your thoughts are things. You will complete this webinar with an outline and a list of things to do that when incorporated in your life will bring you closer to your ideal life. A guided meditation will jump start you on your way.

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Group of young people have meditation on yoga class. Yoga concepWhat is Meditation?

How and Why to Meditate

Meditation is the key to many successful enterprises and activities in our lives. All the most successful sports athletes, business professionals, scientists… in short – most of the really successful people you hear about and look up to incorporate some form of meditation into their lives.

In this webinar I’m going to explore what meditation is, the various types of meditation most popular, and how you can use meditation in your own life to improve your performance, learning ability, mental and emotional stability, organizational skills, connection to your higher self and your guides, psychic skills, and more.

Of course this webinar will take you deep into meditation so you can directly experience the process.

Have you tried to meditate and found it too difficult?

Let me tell you about meditative tools ANYONE can use with success, to attain that ‘meditative personality’ that is both the greatest tool to your psychic and spiritual awareness, as well as to give you that special ‘edge’ in every one of your life’s endeavors.

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Are You Psychic Webinar? 

Eyes Looking Up Mysteriously From Behind A Small Rainbow Colored Peacock FeatherHow Do You Know? How Do You Know What Your Best Skill is?

You’ve heard it.  Everyone is psychic.  But how do you KNOW you are psychic?  Even if you’ve had some psychic experiences in your life, even if you believe that you are psychic, how do you know what your best skill is?  How can you actually rely on it to better your life? 

In this webinar I am going to help you to recognize your own psychic ability in action, and I’m going to give you hard and fast means of recognizing your greatest natural skills and abilities and developing them into consistent helpful tools in your life!  I will include a guided meditation to help jump-start your efforts.

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Enhance Your Life

with Aromatherapy Oils Webinar

Bottles With Essential Oils
I have been working with Aromatherapy for years – ever since I was a youngster. My Aunt gave me the gift of scented oils from which I was able to blend my own personal perfume when I was twelve.   From that day forward, I was hooked.

I bought every scented oil I could find and afford. I read every book I could find. I studied herbs. I studied magical uses of herbs and oils.   I blended all kinds of oils to create different affects. I experimented on myself, my family, my pets. I discovered that I could control my mood swings with scented oils, as well as speed the healing of a multitude of health issues. I also quickly found how a subtle scent could give me an edge in my dealings with other people.

Years before scientists announced that scented oils like Lavender can calm the nerves and ease a sinus headache, I had already discovered that use, and more.

With the help of my Guides I created the line of oils I presently carry on my website, that are amazingly helpful for everyone who uses them.   I even learned how to use tools like astrology and numerology to create personal oils for people.

In this webinar I am going to share much of my knowledge about how different oils can be used for specific beneficial purposes in your life. I’m going to teach you the art of blending them, and how to create a specific oil for a specific purpose for yourself.

You will get a broad overview of how to create and ‘fix’ a scent, you will learn how to intensify or ‘catalyze’ an oil’s affect, and you will learn how to use aromatherapy, as it is called today, to enhance every aspect of your life.

This webinar is a workshop for the beginner, though people with experience blending oils will most certainly pick up some additional pointers. All you need to bring with you is a pencil and paper. You will certainly want to take notes! And of course all attendees will receive a complimentary download of the webinar, which will be available for sale on my website.

By then end of this webinar you will have created an oil formula for yourself that will help bring healing, or joy, or love, or success, or money, or whatever you choose, into your life. You will be amazed at the effectiveness of this new tool and skill that will be yours.

Video Download  – $14.95



“What’s On The Other Side Webinar”

Pearly Gates Landscape

In this webinar I’m going to talk about what’s on the other side of the Veil. My Guides and I will hold a discussion that will range from Angels, to your Guides and deceased loved ones , to Leprechauns, Elementals, Fairies, Daemons, Demons and even Aliens.

I’ll be sharing many of my own experiences with you and will lead you through a fully protected meditation that will help open you to those beings on the other side of the veil that you have the greatest affinity for.

Is it possible you have a green thumb because you have an affinity for earth elementals?

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yoga position

Soul Consciousness


Kundalini Webinar

In this ground-breaking webinar I am going to talk about secrets seldom shared.

I am going to address a topic so HOT and MISUNDERSTOOD that few are willing to talk about it.


Few outside of the many secret organizations and religious sects worldwide that have used sex as a means to raise the Kundalini to achieve enlightenment have even heard most of this information.

Most of those who have heard about it don’t understand it. Or they keep it SECRET


  • What is the Soul
  • What is Kundalini
  • How Kundalini is connected to the 7 Chakras
  • How Kundalini is naturally raised as we gradually achieve enlightenment over time
  • Short cuts to raising our own Kundalini safely
  • How stimulation of the lower chakras can awaken Kundalini
  • Methods of stimulating Kundalini including Sex
  • The dangers of awakening the Serpent Power without proper preparation
  • The importance of LOVE


Soul Consciousness Video Download – $14.95




Sandy’s Self Healing Rituals

and Self-Healing Guided Meditation

for Sensitives Webinar

Infinite Healing Words

Those of us who are naturally empathic, or who work in the healing or service fields, or are practicing intuitive’s, psychics and mediums, spend so much of our lives giving to others that we forget to take care of ourselves. We forget that we owe that gift of helping and healing to ourselves first.

This very special webinar is for you.

Give yourself the gift of an hour with Sandy Anastasi as she helps you to develop your own healing rituals, to set boundaries that preserve your own ‘safe space’, and leads you through a wonderful healing and cleansing guided visualization.

This is the perfect way to begin this year’s Holiday Season!



“I wanted to write quickly and thank you so much for the wonderful webinar this evening, the Self Healing Rituals webinar. I loved it and it made me so happy. I have what I feel to be a good understanding of the topic matter and feel that you covered it beautifully. I feel it can really empower and help anyone willing to listen and give it a try. I wonder just how many lives you have changed tonight alone, for the better. It’s such a cool thought to me and feels so great. You actually made me really think when you mentioned the medical person you spoke to saying that human life might be able to continue indefinitely in the next ten or so years, or something like that. We are eternal, so that makes me really think and ponder so much. Anyway, the meditation was magical for me. I was totally in the zone and my right hand was actually tingling so much by the end that I felt like electricity was coming out of it. I had to keep tapping it to try and calm it down, and it wasn’t asleep. It’s still pretty tingly too! As usual, you did a wonderful job and I am so thankful for being able to attend and participate. Thank you in advance for the email copy of the webinar too. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful night”. – In love and light, Cheryl

Self Healing Video Download – $14.95



393376_343032149047227_822115232_nOpening Your Chakras: Chakra Meditation Webinar

Sandy Anastasi speaks about the chakras, their importance to our existence, and why this meditation is something that should be done by everyone! Then she will lead you through this guided meditation where you will see and feel the energy inside!

Sandy says: “This is probably one of the most important meditations you can do! It clears, energizes, and protects a person as well as helps to open up his or her psychic energy centers. The meditation can be powerful, so make sure the phone is off, the pets have been taken care of and the children won’t be interrupting you”.

– ” I find that each “interaction” I have with you, Sandy Anastasi/Lisa Freeman, I am opened up to so much more than ever before and I sometimes call you two my ‘keys’ because you so easily unlock figurative doors for me and things just click. I call it magic! I feel very drawn to you both, in a great way, and you are on a level that is so much different than I witness elsewhere”. – CG, Penn

“AWESOME webinar Sandy and THANK YOU for offering it! :) It felt Sooo Energizing and I ESPECIALLY liked the “keeping focus at the Crown” while bringing the Energy up… that point it all began to swirl Energetically as one….hard to describe but I felt as if the White Light Energy surrounding me since beginning the Exercise just re-entered “me” and swirled up and up ADDING to all the energies and then in that Rainboic swirl at the crown all began to burst forth as White Light again and once again the same light radiated was the same light entering and purifying and energizing…and it all seemed like it was ALl “one thing” and that I was aware of the entirety of the Universe and beyond, the infinite smallness of the atom and beyond, and the mix of both which was “me” ALL the while “viewing” it all from a Crown perspective. Sounds a bit much but that BARELY begins to describe it! Thanks again! Will work on this daily! :)” – Joe OC.


Open Your Chakras Video Download

Downloadable video – $24.95



Past Life Guided Meditation Webinar with Sandy

Future Past & Present Who were you in a past life? How might that be influencing who you are and what you do, Today? Could knowing your past life experience help you with your present situation, in ‘this’ lifetime? Can visiting your past life help you to have more control over your future?

Those questions and more, will be answered in Sandy Anastasi’s video download webinar.

After questions and answers, Sandy will be taking you on a ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ through her Past Life Regression Guided meditation!


“I thought the webinar was fantastic and the method of visualization that Sandy uses during her meditation was just awesome. I have to say that Sandy’s method of visualization had brought me to a prior life quicker than most sessions I had had in the past. To me, this was amazing given that in most sessions it takes about 10 to 20 minutes for me to get into a state where I can start visualizing my prior lives. That said, your webinar took me to that prior life in New Orleans in less than five minutes… I like the idea of the webinar since it was really out of the box thinking and seem to fit rather nicely for that session. The only issue I had about the webinar was the video/audio latency and frankly that is not something that you have any control over.  With many years in IT and video production, I fully understand that such issues can be with the Internet provider or infrastructure services that GoToWebinar had provided. That said, it was not a real distraction during the webinar and just a minor annoyance. Overall, I give webinar two thumbs up, and best wishes for continued success”. – Bobbie V.


Past Life Guided Meditation Webinar Video Download

Downloadable video – $14.95


Meet Your Higher Self Video DownloadMeet Your Higher Self

Who are you?

Have you ever discovered a new facet of yourself that arose only when you were under pressure? Have you struggled to work through a problem, and suddenly ‘intuited’ the simple solution in a burst of understanding?

Have you received information and insights into life situations in your dreams?
Do you ever have the feeling that you are much greater and more powerfully connected to the cosmos than you’ve been taught to believe you are?

Who is this ‘greater’ you?’
How do you make the connection to this higher part of you stronger?
What benefits are yours when you strengthen that amazing connection?

Most of us are newly awakening to the understanding that there is a higher part of ourselves that is also us. In the language of the New Age this higher part of us is called your Higher Self .

In this webinar Sandy will explain who and what your Higher Self is and take you on a guided meditation to meet this wonderful, greater part of your Self. You will be taken through a deep relaxation to your innermost being where you will come “face to face” with your Higher Self while strengthening your connection to this immortal part of yourself.

– ” I find that each “interaction” I have with you, Sandy Anastasi/Lisa Freeman, I am opened up to so much more than ever before and I sometimes call you two my ‘keys’ because you so easily unlock figurative doors for me and things just click. I call it magic! I feel very drawn to you both, in a great way, and you are on a level that is so much different than I witness elsewhere”. – CG, Penn

Meet Your Higher Self Video Download

Downloadable video – $14.95


water ripples and earth image (American Continent) combined, envChanging Times Webinar with Sandy Anastasi

Do you have the feeling that something is about to happen in your life, and in the world? Do you feel a ‘shift’ coming?

Do you feel slightly off-balance in your life, a feeling like you’re in the space between one footstep and the next? Are you fearful of making choices and decisions in your life, because of the prevailing feeling of uncertainty around you? Do you have a feeling that you are simply being carried forward by the current of life and fear being swept away by it?

Do you feel the very fabric of the reality you’ve been living for years shifting and changing around you?

In this unique webinar Sandy will talk about why you are feeling these things. She will give insight into the shift that is happening in our world. She will help you to replace uncertainty with surety, imbalance with balanced centeredness, and to gain greater intuitive awareness so that you may better navigate the currents of change in your life and in the world around you.

She will empower you to be in charge of the shifts in your life and in your world and to make the ‘right’ choices for yourself moving forward.

In this month’s webinar Sandy will do far more than talk about our changing times. She will remove the veil.

She will share her insights, open your mind, and lead you on a Guided Journey to reclaim the power of your intuition that will benefit and uphold you through every change coming into in your life.

If you want to regain control of your life, if you want the power be conscious of and to direct your own future, and if you want to regain the sense that ‘all is right with the world’ and that you are ‘on track’ that is your birth right, Don’t Miss This Webinar!

Changing Times Video Download

Downloadable  video – $14.95


Meet Your GuidesMeet Your Guides

Have you ever wondered if someone is watching over you? Have you felt a feeling of warmth and love like a hug given to you by invisible arms when you were having a hard time in life? Have you ever had a sudden urge to refuse a ride, and then later found that if you’d gone you might have been in a traffic accident? Do you feel like someone is talking to you in your dreams? Do you sometimes get a strong scent of flowers when there are none in the room? Have you ever heard a voice talking to you, not your own, inside your head?

Would you like to know who it is… Who is there Guiding, helping, and watching over you?

Would you like to make a stronger connection, so that you could get messages from your Guides?

My name is Sandy Anastasi. I’m well known for my talent as a Psychic Channel and Soul Coach -in fact, I’ve been working on a daily basis with my own Guides for over 30 years and in my channeled readings I connect with my client’s Guides as well. I developed the Anastasi System of Psychic Development as a vehicle to train everyone to use your inborn intuitive skills – including connecting with your Guides and getting messages from them.

Who better to guide YOU on a journey to meet your own Guides?


Meet Your Guides Video Download

Downloadable video – $14.95




akashic-recordsIn the spiritual realms where the higher self resides, a record of every thought, action, word and deed is recorded for each soul.

Referred to as the Akashic Records, these vibrational energy imprints remain attached to the soul through each lifetime.

These imprints shape each soul’s destiny, karma and life purpose.

Psychics are able to see these Akashic Records in the manner in which they are attached to each person in their aura and energy fields.

The records explain “who you are” and “why you are here” in this lifetime.

They define the challenges you are facing, the relationships you engage in and the primary motivations and desires that you are attracted to on the mind, body and spirit levels.