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February 2017 Astrological Predictions

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February 2017
Psychic and Astrological Predictions

The craziness of the past few months is slowing down for you a bit this month Aries and you will enjoy finding time to spend with your friends and maybe even that special someone in your life.  This month is still filled with a lot of chaotic emotional ups and downs though, mostly stimulated by the men in your life.  Romance is high on your list if you are single, and you will have the opportunity to turn that friend into a lover or vice-versa!  Work hard at staying out of the middle of over-emotional arguments between friends or family members.  The cause of those disagreements will soon be forgotten but your involvement won’t be!  Don’t take sides.  Try to bite your tongue and walk away.

What an interesting month this is for you Taurus! On the one hand something you have worked long and hard for in your career or personal life is finally coming to fruition, and on the other you are finding deep fears, insecurities, and anxieties within yourself that are making you irritable and even hard to get along with.  What’s up?  Is it possible that you are suffering from ‘Fear of Success’?  Do you fear change? All you need to do now is go with the flow, follow the path you’ve already set in motion, and what you have chosen will be yours.  Perhaps this month is a good time for self analysis.  There may be some deep parts of yourself you’ve overlooked.

Travel or travel plans this month will bring some delightful moments.  You will have the opportunity to share some wonderful times socially with like-minded people.  If you are married, there may be some issues with female in laws that need to be addressed.  Both family and friends are going through emotional upheavals that involve changes affecting their independence.  You can’t do much about any of your family issues other than supply a shoulder to lean on, or perhaps some financial aid.  Remember to consider money or things loaned to family or friends right now as a gift freely given as it is not likely to be returned in spite of good intentions.  The same advice holds true if you are the borrower yourself.

Career choices and life choices are creating confusion for you this month Cancer.  Sudden changes in your work, family life, and livelihood, or that of your partner, have you wondering whether you should take action now or just hang in there and wait.  You are wishing that you had your own crystal ball that would tell you the most lucrative choice to make, the most beneficial action to take.  Talk to a knowledgeable female professional, friend, or sibling.  That will give you insight into the dynamics at hand and help you to make less emotionally reactive decisions, and take the actions that will ultimately satisfy your sense of responsibility and gain you the recognition you desire.

Long distance relationships are a major focus this month Leo.  They may be beginning or ending.  One thing is certain.  Your relationship with your significant other or a close friend or partner is changing.  If you have the opportunity to travel with a friend or lover definitely take advantage of this chance for romance and fun.  Expect that there will be some difficulties coming your way from the family or your friend’s family.  Remember that in the midst of conflict and upheaval there are always opportunities for personal growth and advancement.  You will be called upon to utilized your old, well-honed skills to address everyday financial and health situations, and may even find yourself being the peacemaker in a situation that feels familiar.

This month promises to be emotionally fulfilling as you jump into action at work and at home doing what you do best.  Your intuition relative to health issues (yours or a loved one’s) is right on.  Your skill in handling every difficulty that arises is apparent to all who know you, and the recognition this confers is satisfying.  Not to mention that your actions can lead to some kind of financial reward.  Strike while the iron is hot.  Opportunities coming this month will be fleeting.  There is also a strong focus on mutual finances with a relationship partner. Resist the urge to overspend.  It will be strong.  You may also be considering a new course of study that could lead to a new line of work.  If it suits your talents and desires, don’t waste time.  Do it!

Travel and romance, the support of friends and family, expanding your social awareness and connections, will make this month one of your most enjoyable this year Libra.  Relationships are exciting and you will be meeting new people to add spice to your life.  There is an element of danger, of insecurity in much of what you are experiencing now that actually enriches the experience, causing you to live in the moment. If you have children, you will be enjoying their company, and good news concerning the oldest is coming your way.  In love, you are in sync with your lover in body and mind.  This month will have a very strong affect on both your career and life direction Libra!

Your home and family life is stable and fulfilling throughout most of this month Scorpio, completing your current needs for both quiet retreat and intellectual stimulation.  You are surrounded by females, or female energy in your home environment which suits you too.  Health matters are on your mind though, and you may have to take action or make decisions concerning an older relative or pet.  Expect changes in your work or home that alter your daily routine; go with the flow and you will make the best of it.  If you have responsibility for an older relative, you may be choosing to help them with a move of their residence – perhaps even in with you!  If you are beginning a construction project pay attention to the details.  You will reap the benefits of that in the future.

Time spent with female friends and siblings is extra special this month and helps to highlight areas of your life that need solutions.  Sharing your thoughts and ideas with like-minded people you feel comfortable with and who love you is exactly what you need.  You are filled with concern for your finances and for a child or lover who is erratic and unpredictable.  Changes in how you handle your skills, your finances, and your career need to be made this month yet you feel fearful of making the wrong choices or making the right choices at the wrong time. Trust your gut.  Plans you make now will  manifest in April.

This is a great month for planning your financial future, for making strong connections with women in your field, and for developing new talents and abilities that you will be able to build into your future Capricorn.  Don’t let your emotional concerns with home and family interfere with these great opportunities!  Your home and family are tending to be in upheaval all month, which is making you feel very insecure and is drawing your attention away from some very important things.  In particular, an older relative and or the erratic behavior of someone close to you is of concern, and some form of construction or work in or around your home is a constant irritant or distraction.  Find alone time for yourself, take a breath, and organize your priorities.  Stay on track.

This is your month Aquarius!  What you want is within your sites.  Financial opportunities of all kinds are around you.  You may want to develop new creative talents that you can easily turn to money making skills.  The lid is off some financial issues that have been difficult for you to see clearly.  You are able to create a positive agenda, set financial boundaries that need to be in place for yourself or perhaps your children or your lover. You now know you cannot be all things to all people.  You know what YOU want, and you know how to get it.  So go for it!

Financial ups and downs plague you this month Pisces.  You feel that each thing you reach for with the intent of developing security crumbles beneath your fingers. Rather than succumbing to your fears, try using this time as an opportunity for self analysis and self growth. This constant change and upheaval you seem to be experiencing is helping you to develop flexibility, it’s teaching you to locate your security within yourself and your own skills and abilities, it is helping you to recognize that dependence on others holds you back and saps your energy.  These realizations will set you free to take action on the opportunities you are given, recognizing that you must first create what you seek in yourself. 

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