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February 2017 Astrolights

Posted on Jan 17, 2017 in Newsletter | 1 comment

February 2017 Astrolights

The highlight of this month is its set of eclipses; the solar in Pisces and lunar in Leo. Normally, Pisces appears like a low energy drain because the energy gets scattered through the emotions and seems to have no specific point of focus. But the Sun being eclipsed here will bring new light to what has seems to be elusive, dissipate energy and lack descriptive borders. Unlike most of the planets that can fall into Pisces, the Sun and Jupiter are the only two bodies that generate energy rather than just refocus it. Their combination of forces are know in the esoteric sciences as the Second Ray and spearhead a powerful conglomerate of empathy, deep insight and potential for the highest form of compassion.

The opportunity that I believe will be taking place is our training to become able to separate enough from our empathy by not just assuming that what we’re feeling is always our own. To be in alignment with this we must recognize that we are much like radio receivers picking up and reacting to what other people around us are feeling. With Jupiter (Pisces ruler) still in Libra, our greatest window for perceiving the process will be through our significant other. The question now becomes can get ourselves out of the way enough to perceive and recognize what they’re going though that we are feeling and subconsciously reacting to? And then, is it really our responsibility or place to “save” them from their own unawareness?

Compassion is usually a much more difficult choice than we might think. When a baby is learning to walk, are we always going to be there to prevent them from falling? If we do, they will never learn to walk. At what point do we deprive a person of the lesson that they need to learn so they can become mobile and self-sustaning?

Our contemporary culture has been trained into believing that empathy and compassion are, essentially, the same thing. They’re not. Empathy is innate, involuntary and occurs on a level well below our threshold of consciousness. Compassion voluntary, is a learned response and operates consciously through our own choice. Compassion is not innate. It is learned. These eclipses offer us the opportunity to learn the difference and use them.

These eclipses have the potential for training us how to become detached, cognizant of our energy interchanges and give us enough awareness to decide when we need to act compassionately and when not. Empathy is an innate quality in all of us which is magnified through Pisces. Compassion is a higher vibration ruled by Pisces that we all spiritually aspire to be able to master through choice.                                     


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  1. Georgia

    John, how can we activate a Leo’s Magnanimity? Will this Full Moon help? My ex-significant other was a Leo, is still reaching out to me. I consider that self-centered. I hope Jupiter in Libra and you give us more insights in how to handle people who are demanding. Maybe, as long as I am demanding and not unconditionally loving, I attract this energy…

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