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February 2018 Astrolights

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February 2018 Astrolights

With Mars having just moved into Sagittarius into the vacancy provided by Saturn’s move into Capricorn, things of an educational, religious, other cultural or philosophical nature feel like they’ve just taken off like a rocket. This may also relate to the sudden appearance of an opportunity to take a vacation out of the country or away from your cultural and religious environment. Take advantage now. Mars only stays in a sign for two months. Plan now. Then rest easy that you have a “get away” waiting for you after your hard work.

Things relating to our social status, career, authority and intended projects are now known and fairly solidified in terms of what you can expect. There is also a responsibility on the part of almost everyone for more interaction with the general public and the masses. More of what we do publicly will receive a lot more attention that it has in the past. Since our changed structure and authority are relatively new, we may also find many unanticipated reactions from those we are close with. Just hold tight to your personal values and act in ways that will allow you to respect yourself and sleep at night. Choices for action might be a bit more challenging than they have been in the past, especially, since a lot of the ground we’re covering is new.

We have a partial solar eclipse at 27 Aquarius on the 15th. In relationships, love given and love received may come into question. Are you receiving what you need? Are you giving your significant other what they need? Be sure to talk about this at length. With the new changes and Saturn’s shift, perception of how we and our significant other are dealing with new ground may need some clarity if things are to go smoothly. This way there will be few surprises. Also know that some of these surprises could be quite pleasurable for both of you.

This eclipse will also affect the wages, resources and support we receive from others from our career.

As Mars creeps up on trining Uranus in Aries throughout this month and next, expect all the unexpected and sudden occurrences to speed up and gain in influence. Most of the sudden changes will have intense and sweeping power. Hold tight to your values and perspectives. This will insure that you will end up in a good place when the dust settles. Enjoy the ride!                                              

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