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Half Hour Readings with Sandy in October 2018

Posted on Sep 12, 2018 in Newsletter, Readings | 0 comments

As promised, I am highlighting 3 of my half hour focused readings for you.  Each of these readings has been chosen because this month the veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest. 

All are 1/2 hour, all are $250. 


Focused Reading #4 – Dealing with Stress

Stress is one of the biggest killers and destroyers in our society.  In fact, most people world-wide deal with so much stress in their lives daily that they actually don’t even know what it is to live a peaceful, ordered, relaxed and content life.  In this reading for you my Guides and I use astrology, numerology, tarot and channeling to pin point the major stress factors in your life right now, and we give solutions to help you unwind your life back to health, happiness and well-being.  You will be surprised that often the thing(s) that produce or cause the most stress are not what you think they are, and easier to fix than you might expect.

Focused Reading #8 – How to Maintain High Energy

Do you remember the energy level you used to be able to maintain when you were a child? Do you remember how excitement and enthusiasm for all things new used to be just a breath away?  Do you wonder what happened?  Do you search for the key that will return that high energy level to you? My Guides and I can help in this very targeted session where we will help you to understand how your energy works, what kinds of things and people drain it or block it, and how you can readily tap it and replenish it.  My Guides give you these valuable insights as I channel them using your astrology chart.

Focused Reading #18 – Vampires in Your Life

This focused reading uses your astrology chart and connects with your Guides to uncover vampire people, activities, and events on both sides of the veil, that are affecting your life right now.  Not only that, it helps you to understand the underlying cause that leaves you open to those vampires and helps you find the strength to eliminate them from your life. This reading is one of the more important readings you will ever get, if you are one of those people who suffers from vampires.  It will return your life to you.  What a wonderful gift to give yourself, or anyone you know who is in a vampire situation in their life.


* Once you purchase your reading with Sandy, we will contact you to arrange a time and date for your reading as well as confirm which of the readings described above are the one that you would like to receive. 

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