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Happy Birthday Aquarius

Posted on Jan 14, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Happy Birthday Aquarius

Aquarius - VectorYou should have a clear field to have a good understanding of what you want at your deepest levels. This coupled with old habit patterns surfacing now for you to see should make your choices easier than usual. Since later December, any responsibilities that you have either avoided or missed have also made their presence known. Use this time to “clean up your act.” The choices you make and the ways you handle these current circumstances will have a profound effect on what you’ll have to deal with over the next six months.

The roles of empathy and compassion in your life are in question right now. First, do you know what empathy and compassion are? Whether you are aware or not, they still play a major part in the decisions that you think are only influenced by “facts” and your mental capabilities. Second, do you know that the flow of them move in both directions; to you and from you? We project just as prolifically as we receive, regardless of whether we’re conscious of it or not. Other people are “reading” you too. Be aware that although you might be using your intuition (which an Aquarian usually denies the existence of) in the best way that you know how, your empathy, which is always at the root of compassion, is constantly registering in your subconscious and affects every decision and assessment you make every moment of every day. You must admit to yourself that there are forces within you that you don’t have a handle on. Even in the face of your best mental calculations, there are still components in whatever you do where you must “let go” and trust that the universe is moving in the best direction for your “flowering.” You can’t simply just “dope out” the meaning of life. In your heart, you know this is true even though you may not be willing to admit it to yourself, let alone, someone else. Life is not an equation to be solved. Your spirit is a lot more flexible and aware than your mind is. Your mind will always lose to your instincts in any deliberation of any important life navigation.  

In mid May there will come sudden changes in your home, family or traditional practices. This could mean a move for you, someone else moving in or out, changes in how you support your home or in the how and where you receive nurturance. Look at where you draw your security from, emotional and financial, and assess whether all you depend on is solid and well founded. This change(s) could also include a move for a career or job change. Allow yourself to be flexible. In the long run, the change(s) will be beneficial for you and your family.              


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