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Cute zodiac sign - Aries. Vector illustration. Little boy ridingHAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIES 2015

By J Lawrence Maerz BA

It’s time to acquiesce toward being a pioneer again. In May of 2010 a process started for you. It began as an unsettling agitation and dissatisfaction with your current station in life. This has grown into the very strong urgency of today exemplifying your need for freedom from having your energies saddled with the needs and preferences of others and the social rules of conduct that have kept you penned up much like a farm animal waiting to go to slaughter. You can feel that something is really off but you just can’t put your finger on the root of it.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with fighting for the underdog. Our culture surely promotes it as the “noble” thing to do. But when it comes with the sacrifice of your own welfare and well-being, the idea of nobility just doesn’t get it and you can really find yourself chomping at the bit.

Discovering your “true” self and finding through challenge has always been the mission at the core of your being. You may have buried it in favor of your social conditioning putting the welfare of others ahead of your own loves and interests. But the simple truth is you thrive on challenge. You have a burning curiosity to explore the unknown and to claim the newly discovered lands for the king – you being the king of course. But you’ve been made to think that what you feel is yours belongs to others and that that you must “help” them keep it and maintain it. But for whom? Not them. It doesn’t belong to them either.

What belongs to you, and them, is your own individual spirit of self-discovery. Defending the unfortunate is not the goal. Saving others from peril is not the goal. Protecting the meek is not your goal. Finding, feeling and activating the passion in you IS the goal. Simply finding it, doing it and feeling it is enough. With that you can feel fulfilled, complete, accomplished. Not for the benefit or rights of others but for you…just you.

Being selfish or simply looking after what is important to you is not a bad thing even if our society tries to convince you otherwise. By following your own dreams and pursuits through answering your need to explore you will do a far better job in teaching and showing others how to take care of themselves rather than pandering to their needs for security, protection and lazy whims for easy support and protection from risking personal failure through their own effort. Even the bible says give a man a fish and he’ll eat for today but teach him to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime. The difference is that you’re not teaching them to fish directly. You’re teaching them to do so through your example.

You’ve been trained into getting self-worth through fighting causes for others. You’ve been made to think that you must be “your brother’s keeper.” It’s time to take that training and use it for yourself. It’s time to follow your own dreams not guilt inspired deeds benefiting others.                                

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