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By J Lawrence Maerz, BA

CancerCancer usually has a need to remain silent about personal issues. However, suppressing the urge to talk about it will need to be a lot stronger this year if not almost impossible to do. You may also find that your dreams comes closer to the surface so as you’re able to remember more of them. Although you may struggle to suppress the urge to talk about yourself, talking about others will come very easy. But a curious thing will happen when you do. Don’t be surprised if people start shying away from you if not avoiding you altogether. It seems that this year that urge to surface what’s in your unconscious not only tends to bring up what’s personal to you but also what’s personal to others…especially those close to you (you’re “tuned into them” more). For many who are secretive like you this can be quite unnerving for them. Especially, when it’s about secrets that they don’t want brought to light. And you won’t even know that you’re doing it until you notice a strange look on their faces as they’re trying to figure out whether you’re trying to hurt them or that you just don’t realize what you’re saying. Either way, they will evaporate into the wind if you continue to do so. You must become very aware of what you are saying to whom, why and where it’s coming from. Otherwise, if you don’t, you’ll lose a lot of friends.

     This year is also a time you should be looking at how you value yourself. Your worst enemy in this will be your pride as you will have a tendency to believe that others know your worth and that they agree with how you feel about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with having pride and determining your own value based on your own personal experience and history but to assume that others either know the same of you or agree will most likely be a mistake. As you talk about what is important to you with others it would be prudent to ask them how they see you and what they think you think is important. You might be surprised about how others perceive you and your values. You must not take offense when they are honest with you, especially if you hear something unexpected or undesirable. By staying open minded and listening to what they say without reaction will, in the long run, eliminate some of the hypersensitivity you might have had about how you think others see you, respond to you and why. Doing this will help you clarify your goals and self-perception tremendously.

     Batten down the hatches because a change is coming in your career. It’s important that you have done what I’ve described above so there will be no surprises. If you’ve been able to gain a clear reflection from others about how they’ve perceived you, your career shift will progress seamlessly. If not, you’re in for a rough ride coupled with many misunderstandings and misgivings. Then, the only thing left at your disposal will be forgiveness…yours of others NOT the other way around.

     Pay attention during this career transition because the same issues you deal with there and how you deal with them will surface in your closest relationships. The only reason that they will take longer is that people closer to you will be more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt over tension producing issues. Once this has been followed through, your personal relationships will become much more solid than they have been in the past leaving you to feel a lot more secure within them or out of them…your choice. This time is an opportunity to refine your goals and wishes. Don’t waste it.                                                 

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