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Happy Birthday Cancer 2017

Posted on Jun 19, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

CancerHappy Birthday Cancer 2017

You may feel a bit more energetic than you have in a while. This new found energy will most likely be with or concerning your family and security. You may even find that someone moves in or out of your home or business. Please be advised not to overreact to these circumstances. They may have a way of growing out of proportion to their face value importance.

Your earning capacity and the benefits you reap from the work that you do will come under scrutiny either by you or those to whom you are responsible. Assess them slowly and thoroughly. Make sure that you think before you speak. The tendency will be to jump to conclusions.

There may be some friction between your significant other and your family. Allow them to deal with their own issues and don’t put yourself in the middle. Often, when we put ourselves between two conflicting forces, they both turn on you to avoid having to deal with each other. It may take some extraordinary patience on your part.

As we move toward your birthday, the urge to speak more will become evident. Again, think before you speak. You may find truths blurting out from your mouth before you’ve had the chance to consider the consequence of what you’re saying. The same energy that gives you’re the extra energy spoken of earlier may propel you into saying things prematurely to what’s actually needed. Move and think slowly. In the long run, this may lose you a few opportunities but most certainly keep you out of trouble for things you might have said in jumping the gun. Patience…patience…patience. Easy to say but hard to do.

You may allow yourself to start to feel relief as the sudden changes that have plagued your career endeavors are drawing to an end. Slow stability is just around the corner. Relax. Breathe. You’re almost home free.   

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