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Happy Birthday Cancer 2018

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Happy Birthday Cancer 2018

Cancer Astrology

This year relationships have taken on a dominant role in your forecast. Responsibility is on the rise but so is stability. Those near and dear to you are very strongly connected to how you are handling your family and career obligations.

It may feel a bit like an increasing weight but look at it as an opportunity to cement your rapport with them. Remember though, responsibility works both ways and something always comes back when you dedicate your services. Sometimes, however, it takes a bit longer than you expect.  

Support is coming from the strangest places these days. Nothing really comes from where you plan or think it does. Yet, you seem to be getting what you need.

Please be mindful of your motives in doing service for others. Cancer’s downfall in offering what they prefer for others rather than risking being asked for something they don’t want to do often engenders unexpected obligations tied to their offer. It should be noted that Cancer’s attempt to engender servitude this way almost always creates a surprise obligation in the other direction. Be cautious in where and why you offer yourself.

Cancers always become responsible for those they “coerce” support from. It’s a prime life lesson in nurturance.  Most of your current communication will be about feelings and emotions. Be clear on what you’re feeling and don’t assume that others feel the same way just because you do. This is the time to establish balance in the home and traditional side of life. Be diplomatic when handling sensitive issues. Those who receive your consideration will be gratuitous in the long run.

Be aware, however, that when you do, it may not immediately seem to others that you are being considerate. It will take a bit of patience on your part until circumstances come to a point where it is apparent to others.  Finances from work may surprise you. The small thing you did for your boss weeks ago may show up in your paycheck or what you skated out off may lose you a position in an important job.

Right now, is a time of karmic payback for deeds and thoughts done…or not done.  

Don’t fight over resources. There may be a temporary push-pull with those whom you deal with. Let the chips fall where they may. It will all come out in the wash in the long run…as long as you’ve earned their trust and appreciation.            


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