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-John Lawrence Maerz


Odds are, you’ve probably just moved, changed your career situation or had a major shift in your family status. If that’s not difficult enough, you core belief system is starting to go through a testing. Does it still work for handling your life situations as they have now become? Most likely you’re thinking not any more, they need a bit of an overhaul which, for you Capricorn, is a really big deal. Generally, you find yourself adhering to the rules and doing what you think you should be doing in spite of what the “local authorities” suggest is your better option.

Capricorn, normally it’s your style to go down with the ship if your vessel is sinking. But things have been going through some pretty strange changes and you’re finding that what you were taught as a youngster doesn’t seem to hold much water anymore. Of all the signs, you are the survivor. You’re the one who listens to the rants and raves of the people around you, shake your head and just continue to move on in your chosen path. This can mostly be considered a strength relative to tenacity but a weakness in view of the progressing need for flexibility. You have been the dependable one. You’re the one who has always seen the job through…you, Taurus and Scorpio. But continuity is no longer a requirement.

Right now your biggest difficulty is getting a bead on where the contemporary basis for authority rests. That is, what are the rules that others are currently playing by? Things and values have been changing so rapidly that it almost seems as if no one has any values at all. But you know that just can’t be so. You know people will always follow someone or something without having to think for themselves. The question is who or what?

Given this state of affairs you’ll choose one of two options. You’ll either voraciously dig in to find the basis for the newest behaviors or you’ll just hunker down, hold tighter to your ideas and own values and “git er done.” Your instinct will, undoubtedly, urge you to follow the latter. After all, you usually follow your own path in spite of incompetent bosses. But this time you need to reconsider. This time, it’s as if the rug is being pulled out from under you and everyone else. Rather than the game, the backdrop has been changing which forces you and everyone else to develop a different perspective for seeing how things need to be done and their eventual outcome.

Let’s say that social change is requiring a different approach. The more you need to follow, the more lost you’ll feel. This is the time for you to be the leader, not the boss, the leader. There’s a difference. A leader allows others to make and follow their own choices. A boss requires obedience. All you’re doing as a leader is being a constructive example for others to find and follow their independence and accept their personal accountability. THIS is what authority is all about. Leading where others can choose finding their own successes and failures AND their own accountability. Are you up for it?

Oddly enough, in business, structure and tradition YOU are being forced to become the pioneer. This is terrifying since you’ve always followed what tradition demands of you. The means have always justified the ends. Now it’s reversed. The ends now justifies the means.

Can you make the leap? If not, you’ll end up having to follow someone less competent…again. This is your opportunity to do it your way making your own rules.    






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