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Happy Birthday Capricorn 2017

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Happy Birthday Capricorn 2017

If structure is what you need, now is the time. It will last for two and a half years. This is the time where you will be able to set patterns for years to come. By the same token, because structure is so dominant in the coming scheme of things, it will also hold restrictions for you if you don’t follow a consistent protocol. If you want discipline, this is the time to decide how to apply it. Make sure that whatever attendant requirements that are needed are also in place. Otherwise, you will become trapped by your own creation. In short, be careful what you wish for. You may just get more than you bargained for.

In May of 2018 your creativity and recreational activities will receive a major boost. This includes new romance. Be wary though. As quickly as the opportunities come will be as quickly as they disappear. Strike while the iron is hot. If you spend too much time planning, the opportunity will be past before you’re done preparing.

This year all things you put your energy into will seem to take on a life of their own. It’s almost as if the horse you’re on gets spooked and takes off like a shot. You’ll have to hold on tight lest you get dragged behind by the stirrups. The intensity will be through the roof with everything you involve yourself with. Be cautious and choose your involvements wisely. You will only have enough energy to follow through on a few of the projects you undertake. Take on too many and your energy will become sparse and thready.

The most positive place you can invest your energy in now is in the expansion and growth of the abilities and resources of others. However, DO NOT micro-manage those you are assisting. First, you won’t have the energy if you spread yourself too thin and, second, you will meet resistance if others feel like they are being managed. Your actions will have to occur from behind the scenes. This way those you are assisting will feel no pressure or stress. This is the area of life where you can accomplish the greatest success.

Lastly, with whatever you undertake, you must allow your urges to come to the surface. This is where the expansion and creativity will emanate from. If you try to dope things out and force the issues through mental patterning, you will lose the flavor of the whole feel of what you’re trying to create. You must let go of the need to funnel or control the outcome. For a Capricorn, this is like telling a child to let go of the handlebars on a bicycle. But, you must trust your inner self if your success is to flower.


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