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By J Lawrence Maerz

Zodiac Sign - Gemini. White Line Astrological Symbol With CaptioMental diversity seems to be a major influence in your experience this year. Although one of Gemini’s characteristics is the capacity for diversified thinking, even Gemini can arrive at a place where too many options can be overwhelming. This year your mind has been extremely active and working overtime. Your potential options for the decisions you make have been coming at you fast and furiously. However, an important undercurrent has also been present beneath this flurry of activity. Within this diversity there resides a wish to establish some sense of security within your finances, personal value and resources. Yet, your world has been moving so quickly that a sense of that security and your means for establishing it feels fleeting at best.

Generally, you welcome this flow of thinking but your wish to slow it down a bit is being countered by the fear that if you slow it down to deal with practical matters, the flow of your creativity will become extinguished to the point where you feel that you won’t be able to retrieve it when you want to fire it up again. You must realize that the resistance you generate toward the practical matters will be what extinguishes your creativity. Better you should just go with the flow, handle your practicalities as they come up and allow the flow to continue. You may surprise yourself with how many tasks and dimensions you’re able to handle at on time.

You may find that your “standards” for relationships that you will allow yourself to participate in may be expanding. It’s not that you’re lowering your standards but that you are becoming much more tolerant in your reconsideration of the idiosyncrasies of others and how they present and handle theirs. Perhaps you’re beginning to feel more stable in yourself.

In the same vein, siblings may be falling more into you area of concerns. You may find yourself acting more like a mentor or coach rather than a relative. In this you may feel the press of taking on more responsibility for them than you would care to be involved with. Remember, they make their own life decisions and you are not responsible for the choices they make. Just because they ask you how you would handle things doesn’t mean that you must bear the brunt of the responsibility for them if they choose to pursue the same path as you. People generally look for a stable path to follow and if that means copying someone else’s behavior…yours…then that’s their choice. You must do things your way and they must follow theirs…even if it’s not their own idea or path.

Come October you will be handling your children and friends in a different manner. Don’t be afraid to change your perspective and follow what now seems to be an unlikely tack. It’s all part of the shift in values that you’re going through. Like your diversified creativity, you must go with the flow to take advantage of your new options.                                                        

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