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Happy Birthday Gemini 2017

Posted on May 17, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Although career is taking a major spotlight this year, relationships seem to offer undercurrents influencing the success or failure of your choices. Their influence came back for one more play in the first weeks of April. Is your position stable? Does it reflect your heartfelt choices or is it a compromise for the relationship due to a lack of personal confidence? Only you know for sure. But right now, this is your last opportunity to adjust your professional path before it’s written into your personal history. Make sure what you’ve chosen is truly what you want.

A move has taken place. Your home environment is now set and your focus is now on the daily activities in your life and how your choices, now, either streamline or constrict your actions. Have you expanded or consolidated? Make certain that your communications are working cleanly and sharply and that whomever shares your environment operates with the same measure of clarity that you strive for. The communication is necessary to work out the bugs and to prevent undercurrents from developing due to either inability of awareness or lack of focus.

Right now, you are a powerhouse of action, yet, your energies are split down many different paths. Do your best to consolidate your power. Those around may not recognize the diversity that you feel you must work through. It is up to you to establish the borders necessary to keep your attention aligned with what you are doing at any given time. Don’t expect others to recognize the points at which your energy runs thin. They can neither assist or withdraw unless you tell them what you’re dealing with and how they might help…if they choose to. Again, communication is of primary concern.

Although independent work assures you of non-interference by others, it also deprives you of the outside assistance that may be of benefit to you. Choose carefully where and with whom you divulge your vulnerable places in order to gain assistance. Many sharks wear the garb of the good Samaritan. You must remain centered enough to recognize and act on the difference. Tough love often comes into play. But all spiritual alignment exists on a razor’s path. Take the time for yourself to maintain your inner balance and your choices will benefit you in the long run.

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