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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO 2014 by John Maerz B.A.

Posted on Jul 18, 2014 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Leo_LionThis year you are feeling large, outgoing and gregarious. Oddly enough, these are qualities you should be growing into devoid of any excessive pride. Notice, I said excessive. All of us, including you, Leo, should have a sense of pride. To be proud of who you are, what you’ve done and what you’re capable of serves as an encouragement for channeling energy into things that will connect you with your heart, creativity and unrealized self. The trouble comes when those qualities become over accentuated where you start expecting others to acknowledge you from a position of subservience. In that space you become viewed as arrogant, pompous and self important.

Because your sign has such an abundant access to the qualities of gregariousness, charm and energy, the risk to abuse them is a tremendous temptation and challenge for you. Bringing them into balance becomes a major task. Right now, that balance seems the hardest to accomplish within your family structure. Since October of 2012 those pressures and responsibilities have been building and it feels like they have dowsed your enthusiasm making it very difficult for you to see where that balance is. You haven’t reached the peak yet. On or before July 27th the issues will be ignited to the point where you can no longer contain them behind your presentation of having control and authority. Your pride and self respect will fall into jeopardy. Please realize that there is no shame in being unable to hold it all together, especially, when there are so many other people contributing to the outcome.

Your support system for others will have to be revamped and you will have to pay much more attention to your own growth rather than to the convenience you’ve been providing to others. Administering “tough love” to others will certainly have a negative effect on your social image but it is necessary in order to bring you back to a balance with what kinds of circumstances you should feel pride in. You will not be liked for a while but in the long run people will become aware of the independence you helped them achieve and how it came about. This will give you cause for a deeper and more “mature” sense of pride rather than surface image you’ve been deriving it from.

Family values have been confusing to you for a while and this experience will give you a more solid and enduring sense that what you’ve been working toward truly does deserve a sense of pride and feeling of accomplishment in a much deeper and more profound sense when you look back on this time. You may even look back at this time with a chuckle at your previous concerns.                                                

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