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Happy Birthday Leo 2018

Posted on Jul 17, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Leo_LionHappy Birthday Leo 2018

This is a time where you need to let yourself play. Your significant other may be in a challenging mode, but this may prove to be a stimulation for you.  Allow yourself to let go of following the rules for just a little while. You may find some new pathways that match your ideals and enjoyment.

Be specific about what you want and what you think is important. This will tend to give you much more clarity in how you need to do things and how you need to adjust your work environment to accommodate what you are working toward. You may have to become a bit more authoritative as those around you may be test your limits feeling that you are more interested in being liked than followed. Undercurrents may prevail. Don’t let the prospect of future dealings with them deter you from standing your ground now. If you don’t, it will be harder to reverse the pattern later.

There may have been a shift in your career recently. This could include how you relate to authority or how others relate to you as an authority. Leo is the sign of middle management so pay attention. You are in the focus now whether giving or receiving. Your bottom line should be how best to utilize the resources at hand more than the rapport that might be developed if a few feathers become ruffled now. Future proficiency is required. It will serve to clarify your ideals and the those of your career.

In health matters, pay attention to teeth, bones and connective tissue. Anything of a structural nature may need an adjustment or a revamping to stay aligned with your own essence rather than keeping pace with your social milieu.

Humanitarian issues will soon present themselves. Don’t let the plight of the underdog and its requirement for you to bend over backward keep you from tending to your own necessities for fear of being labeled selfish. The “tyranny of the weak” is a very powerful tool at the disposition of slick manipulators. Have the courage to stand you ground in the face of social whiners and blackmailers. After all, courage is a quality to be learned and earned by the Leo.                                           


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