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Happy Birthday Libra 2017

Posted on Sep 18, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Happy Birthday Libra 2017

Zodiac signs - LibraWhat you want at the moment may seem hidden but if you listen to your underlying urges, they will point you in the direction of what would be the best path for you. What you want at this point is probably not conscious and you may need a little help ferreting it out. Don’t be too quick to people please. That’s neither your job nor responsibility despite what our culture seems to demand. It will obscure your real needs and desires.

There are three major shifts occurring in October, December and May. Your assets may incur a boost whether in actual finances or abilities and qualifications from what you invest your time in. Be patient with yourself. A lot depends on what others need in your circle of associates. There needs will show you where to find and what it is that you can develop and build upon. This does NOT mean you must give it away through pleasing people. This is something mostly for YOU.

Look for and prepare for potential changes in your home and living situation. The structure of how you live is about to go through a shift. This shift and its requirements will become more obvious as we get closer to the holidays in December.

You may also find sudden changes in how you receive or solicit support from others in May of 2018. This could include inheritances, whether adding to your assets or drawing on your reserves. Don’t just assume that this will be a boon for you. It most likely will incur attending responsibilities for you to reap any benefits.

Right now, you are probably receiving some interesting insight into how other people perceive you. This may come directly or through the volunteered observations of those close to you. First, decide if you like what you hear, then if their perception is something that works for you and then if there are adjustments to be made to improve your projections. This is all tied into what it is that you want as described in the first paragraph. Be just as patient with yourself as you have been trained to be with others. You have a right to be happy and accomplish for yourself. You are NOT here to be your brother’s keeper or to fix life for the “less fortunate” no matter how loud they complain or blame. They’ve also chosen their own life path as you have. Let them establish their own strengths and assets through their own efforts. You did. They can too. It’s all about balance. Allow them to be responsive for themselves as you have been made to feel about yourself. We are all here to grow and experience not to coerce others into allowing you to freeload off them through the “tyranny of the weak” nor claims of “bad luck.”

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