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Happy Birthday Pisces 2018

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Happy Birthday Pisces 2018

Your heightened sensitivities may cause you a bit of distress for a bit. What may also exacerbate this is your inclination to act on things before they’ve fully registered in your perceptions. You must work at anchoring your thoughts and feelings before you allow yourself to react. Otherwise you may find yourself in irreversible circumstances.

Conversely, your urge toward quick reactions may also allow you to take advantage of opportunities you might have previously passed up due to intimidation, guilt or childhood generated inhibitions. This seems like a paradox but what is necessary now is a balancing of your feelings and actions. As of December this has become a little bit more workable than it has been in the past two and a half years. Even though your responsibilities have accumulated, your ability to handle them has also done so. This is a time of enforced grounding for you.

As health issues play an important part in your “durability” in handling the outside world, your past performance and its relation to your current health will come to the surface toward the end of the year. Assess and take care of now whatever has given you the impression that something is “off.” You might not now be able to pinpoint its source but if something health wise has been troubling you or beginning to change in your constitution or demeanor, deal with it now before it grows into something that will demand a lot more time and energy to overcome. Our feelings are an especially powerful contributor to the condition of our health, especially, for water signs such as Pisces.

Right now the energy available in your career is at your fingertips. Strike while the iron is hot. Take a few risks that you might not have considered before. It may surprise you in how such small efforts might produce such large and sweeping circumstances. This will also serve as a venting for the emotional tsunami pushing on your senses. Venting allows clarity and focus to prevail over irrational emotional reactions. If ever there was a need to go with the flow, it is now.

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