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Happy Birthday Pisces

Posted on Feb 16, 2017 in Readings | 0 comments

Happy Birthday Pisces 2017

In the beginning of May you will have the opportunity to revamp your relationships. Your major focus in life is to learn to deal with your feelings and those around you. Your sign, Pisces, is well known for being hyper-sensitive to the vibes and feelings around you and notorious for mistaking those feelings and vibes of others as your own.

Learning to recognize when it is your own feelings that you are attending to or those of others is a very difficult task for you to accomplish. It is often easiest and most believable to just assume that what you are feeling is self-generated and simply go with the flow. Being brought up with an inordinate amount of guilt makes becoming responsive to and responsible for the feelings of others a dominant theme in a Piscean life. More often than not, this ends up being a tragic assumption by tuning all your reactions to what you feel coming from others. This short circuits your ability to stay in touch with your own feelings. Your strength only lies in your ability to feel what others are feeling but you must then work to put effort into discriminating the origins and qualities of those feelings so you may know clearly when to serve only yourself or those close to you respectively. Developing that ability rests with your willingness to pay attention, trace back what you feel and then assess what it is that you’re feeling and whom it’s coming from. Is it self-generated or generated by others? This will radically separate out and conserve the energy that you have at your disposal. Otherwise you’ll find yourself only contending with what others are feeling, short changing yourself and exhausting the energy needed for your survival.

One of the saddest tragedies is when people with Piscean qualities become overwhelmed with the feelings they unknowingly pick up from others, assume that they are their own and then use alcohol or drugs to dull their sensitivity so they don’t have to feel what they’re picking up. This transit in May can mark a turning point of new beginnings for those of you who are able to learn to separate out your own feelings from those of others. The opportunity is coming. Get in the habit of paying attention now so when the energy maximizes you can take full advantage of the opportunity.

On a much more positive note, if there is any form of art expressed in your life, now is the time that those energies can reach a peak of creativity. The empathy you feel involuntarily from the world can be channeled into tuning into nature and the prevailing emotional currents of what is occurring around you. Whether if by music, paint brush or any other medium, your ability to translate what you feel into artistic expression now has the opportunity to blossom beyond your wildest imagination. Enjoy the rush! Ride the crest! You may surprise yourself.



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