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Happy Birthday Sagittarius 2016

Posted on Nov 15, 2016 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Happy Birthday Sagittarius 2016

Career issues are coming into focus this year. It may also affect your home, family and living arrangements. Most of your concerns for both areas will center on your freedom. But it’s very important to make distinctions as to what constitutes freedom for you. For everyone it’s a little different but nonetheless a very important issue for Sagittarius. Since one of your main life lessons is to learn when to take things with ease or, at the least, with a grain of salt, the challenge for you is to know when to remain responsible and grounded and when to blow things off. Discrimination in both areas is of the utmost importance. This means that you have to take the time to slowly assess your options and not just skim over the details because they’re too bothersome or they might not interest you.

Probably one of the best ways to get a handle on what you actually need to learn is to look at your finances, abilities and what resources you have at your disposal in order to maintain yourself. This will give you the best yardstick to measure what it is that you actually must do just to keep your head above water and not put undue pressure on those who love you and want to do what’s best for you.

You do tend to assume that others will assume responsibility for many of the circumstances that you participate in. And many do because they care about you. But when you don’t carry your fair share of the load those same people may come to resent you or, at the least, feel jealous that you somehow are able to not let the small stuff, that they’re paying attention to and taking care of, disturb your upbeat and care free attitude.

You do have a gift for enabling others to become more light hearted and less bothered by life circumstances but that falls flat when others realize that you’re blowing off your responsibilities and leaving them to be taken care of by them. This short sightedness may not be intentional on your part but others may see it that way. This is the time in your life where you must become aware of where the line is between being responsible and recognizing what actually is “small stuff” not to be fretted over. You’re a good teacher but must also be a good example of balance when handling the two.

The relationship front has been relatively quiet; probably to give you enough space and time to back off and take a good look at your interactions with your current partners and/or future prospects for intimacy. When others feel that you’re taking their needs into consideration, they’re much more likely to allow you much more leeway in what you don’t take care off in terms of maintaining balance in the relationship.

Up until now you’ve taken many people for granted simply because you believe that they have the same light hearted approach to life that you do. You’re now being given an opportunity to know and feel what others know and believe about you. Use this window of opportunity wisely. Take advantage of the possibility for insight. You will certainly benefit in the long run for doing so now. 

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