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Your responsibilities to your finances and to yourself are in the spotlight this year. It’s important that you at the least acknowledge that there are protocols that you must follow and that there are obligations that you must answer to if your year is to be one that can set a solid and secure foundation for what you want to do this year. Although you might not attach as much importance to these things as others, it is necessary that you do now. You have until December 22nd to set things the way you want. After that date, changing your options will be damn near impossible.

Being able to see clearly what you want may be a bit difficult now. But at least your usual “up” attitude will keep you from getting bogged down with anything too dispiriting. Your light and easy way of dealing with things that are serious has always given you an edge in keeping things fluid. But times now will take a little more focus and “stick-to-itiveness” if you are to come out the other end feeling like you’re in a good place.

Look to other people’s abilities and disabilities to see where you can be of service. This will give you clues as to where you need to focus your energy to get the best bang for your buck. Many people are unable to get past the heaviness of some of the issues that they are dealing with. You have a natural talent to rise above the sinking feelings that grab most people. You can teach them how. Be generous with your time. Use your pioneering spirit and curiosity to guide them to more peaceful and playful shores. THIS is the best way you can augment the effectiveness of your responsibilities…teaching others how to lighten their load with lighter attitude.

Pay attention to your dreams. This will give you the clearest rendition of what it is that your deeper self wants.

Things are about to lighten up for you. The past two and a half years have been much tougher than previous years. Your responsibilities are about to crystalize and remain consistent. No more second guessing what it is that is required of you. You will be able to return to your happy go lucky attitude with all your changed responsibilities in a stable and predictable place. Coming out of the tunnel is at hand. Enjoy!


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