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Cute zodiac sign - Scorpio. Vector illustration. Little boy playHAPPY BIRTHDAY SCORPIO 2014

By John Maerz BA

 This month will allow you to see more than just what is going on now. There is a sense in you that is now active and that can allow you to see or predict the situations and circumstances you currently observe with others. Be generous and gentle with what you see. Those around you can benefit tremendously from your insights now. Just don’t let it go to your head. Also, be aware that this sense is not working for your own endeavors. For that, you must depend on others…not your forte’.

     As has been for the last year or so, you have been liking to work alone. You find that others in your space create a distraction from what you’re trying to stay focused on. Additionally, some may actually get in you way while you’re working. The quiet space is good. Be kind about claiming it. Some people get their feathers ruffled rather easily. But then again, they’ll get over it. Right?

     The pressure you’ve been feeling for the last two years is soon to lift. You have had mixed reactions in being with other people. When you’re apart, there’s a sense of loneliness. When you’re with them, they feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest. This transit has been showing you the difference between how you feel you are coming across to others and how they are actually perceiving you. If you take their reactions personally you will miss the whole point of the “exercise.” You must achieve and maintain emotional distance from your own reactions. That is a hard one for any water sign to do. But you must do it if you are to derive any benefit from the experience.

     There is very little in the way of you expressing, in detail, how you feel about people and situations. There is, and has been, an intensity with that need to express for the last two years. In the sense of being clear and direct, you now possess a shining potential worthy of compliment. In a sense of timing, your open feelings can be very dangerous to your relationships and the maintenance of future trust within them…theirs of you not you of theirs. Your intensity and urge to express is often overwhelming to your sensitivity of what they may be able to handle at the moment of expression. This relates directly to the perceived “elephant sitting on your chest.” There are times that you feel you would like to explode but the capacity for collateral damage far outweighs the benefits of expressing yourself fully. The lesson here is to encourage you to consider why you feel so passionately about what you feel you need to express to them. What is it that you that feel they are not aware of concerning your feelings and what has led you to such intensity about them? In retrospect, you might find that they are a throwback to your childhood experiences. You must forgive them and yourself for whom you are actually reacting to. Remember, they are not your parents. They’re not coming from the same place as them.

     Granted, the stress you feel right now is intense. But you must also recognize that a large component of that is a stressful reaction to your own stress. Ease up on yourself. It will all come out in the wash and you’ll feel a whole lot better about yourself when it does. Life doesn’t always have to be about a struggle.    

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